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  1. MissJinx

    Ten More Hours (As I Post This)

    Nah, not worried about it, but since it's there then just grabbing the opportunity while it's still around.
  2. ...before this ends, and I have yet to complete the third stage. Don't think I will make it all the way unless it's extended, but most likely I can make until the fourth stage at least.
  3. MissJinx

    Special Commaders and Prepping for the Patch

    Yeah, that is sad. They deserve more, not just because of the game, but because of the fact that they are historical figures. They should be honored more, and I mean that seriously. I hope someone from WG can read this and correct this oversight by them.
  4. MissJinx

    Special Commaders and Prepping for the Patch

    And I still wonder what will happen to these guys right here. I've been saying that they are historical figures and should at least have something like that of Legendary Commanders like Lutjens and Yamamoto. At least one talent and one customization, aside from enhanced skills. The Unique twins have more going (10 points+enhanced skills) than them. Oversight by WG?
  5. MissJinx

    I finally got the Stressbourg...

    Yes definitely. I use it as often as I can. Also is it worth it to use her often since she has this mission that gives 200% CXP? Taking advantage of it while it's still there. Also she seems more of a cruiser than a battleship with her speed and reload time, though armor is still shaite.
  6. MissJinx


    I think what might be good for Operations are historical battles. Something like the Battle of River Plate (hunt for Graf Spee) or the hunt for the Bismarck are perfectly setup for Operations scenarios. If you want to be a bit more ambitious, then the Battle of the Coral Sea or the Battle of Midway might be good scenarios as well.
  7. MissJinx

    I finally got the Stressbourg...

    Well, I gave in and got the Strasbourg as well. I'm not too fond of French ships. I figured that since she's the sister ship of the Dunkerque that she'll just be boring. First couple of times I used her that's what I felt, until I really took notice of her. That's when I was surprised. She's nimble and fast for a battleship. Probably because of her compact size as compared to say the Tirpitz, Pommern and Hizen. She seems to be even more nimble than the Scharnhorst. And her reload time--real fast for a battleship. Downside is her armor. She's not likely going to be my favorite--I still favor Japanese and German battleships--but I might be using her more often than I intended.
  8. MissJinx

    Very good balance

    You forgot T2 BB--Mikasa, the only BB in that tier. Even so, she dominates there. No cruiser can get near her with her wall of secondary spam that practically obliterates anyone within her range. Only drawbacks like I posted earlier are her main guns' inaccuracy and short range, as well as her slow speed. She's so slow that even destroyers miss her completely with their torps (torps usually get ahead before she even reaches them).
  9. MissJinx

    Very good balance

    I still couldn't feel the Japanese supremacy. Maybe I might need the Yamato or Musashi for that...
  10. MissJinx

    Just Saw the Lunar NY Ships...

    Yeah, I actually figured that they would be locked for Pan-Asian Commanders. Was just hoping that they'd be more adaptable to other Commanders, but that's not gonna happen.
  11. And all I can say is that it's interesting. Dunno if I will get one, if ever. Hopefully any Commander can use it (doubtful that will happen though). Am on my break from work now so don't have the time to screenshot, but you probably have seen it on the site anyway...
  12. MissJinx


    I play Operations just to have variety, since I've been playing Co-Op since I started. Slowly I'm getting into things and when I'm comfortable, maybe I'll go into Rank next.
  13. MissJinx

    cant bring myself to play anymore

    It can happen to anyone. I'm, still new to the game, so I guess I have a long way to go to feel that. I played many games in the past though, and many of them I no longer play since I burned out, lost interest or else life just got in the way. I don't think there's even an e-Sport scene for WoWs, unlike say League of Legends or other MOBAs where you can make a career out of playing the game.
  14. MissJinx

    Premium Should Be Better...

    Premium is simply that--it is better than the ordinary kind. Premium ice cream tastes better than regular ice cream. A premium ticket to a movie or sports is better than regular ticket. This is simply the fact of life. By similar account then a Premium ship should be better than a regular tech tree ship. Customers pay for the ship, since they expect it to be better. The point of paying gets lost if a premium item is no better, or worse, than the regular one.
  15. This is something of a rant, even if I'm barely a month in the game. Now I have read here and heard elsewhere that certain Premium ships are not up to par with those in tech tree. That isn't good. This isn't just about Premium ships per se, but about how customers should be treated, especially paying customers. As said in Marketing, the customer is king. That means the customer must be treated well, and that goes to the product he gets also. Customers who buy expect their product to be of quality. That is a given. That is why we buy, because we expect the product to be of a better standard than the average one. So the customer should be treated well, since the paying customer is the one who keeps the game going. Without those who pay, the game would have been gone or in trouble a long time ago. So as paying customers, we do expect the Premium ships to be of quality. We don't expect them to be OP of course, but we do expect its stats to be better, for instance. That is how it should be, or else why should we buy if the product isn't up to standard? This is basic in Marketing, that the customer who buys expects a good product, and the company who sells should deliver a product of quality in order to maintain business. If not, the customer will look elsewhere to get what he wants, and no business would want to see his customers run to his competitor.