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  1. DDayCobra

    Here comes a New Challenger!

    Hope we get Commander Natali. Would be nice to have an alternative to Dasha (aside from the anime waifus of course).
  2. DDayCobra

    Hello Commander Azuma!

    Azuma and Chapayev should join forces...
  3. DDayCobra

    Here comes a New Challenger!

    Nutella looks better, honestly... (I know she's Natali, so...)
  4. lol when I saw this (and some actually fell for it)
  5. DDayCobra

    EQUILIBRIUM: 1944 Campaign Map

    Basically got "conned" into this, so to speak. Spent 1500 doubs for the Leyte campaign before I realized I could've spent it more for an AL premium container since basically I would be able to at least get one unique AL Commander there (since I haven't bought the whole Commander bundle).
  6. DDayCobra

    So, WG Screwed Over AL Fans...

    Not a complaint, just an...observation. Yeah, that's what it is...can't complain when the price is lower than before, but AL fans must be mad that they paid much more two years ago for less content...
  7. Not this year, but two years back. Now I don't know how much the Commander bundle here in Asia was two years ago, but with the US price that's almost P9950 in price here in the Philippines. That was the bundle from two years back. This year the bundle costs P5,973. The previous bundle costs MORE for LESS Commanders than it does now. AL fans must be furious on this. Screenshots of the previous bundle and the new one for comparison...
  8. DDayCobra

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    *checks Shop for price of doubloons, sees AL waifus. Goes for AL waifus instead*
  9. DDayCobra

    It Just Got Announced...

    Well actually just saw the post now on the Facebook page of WoWs...Welp, time to get active again (been inactive because of work, mostly...)
  10. DDayCobra

    Are there females who play this game?

    Yes there are female WoWs players. I see a few of them on Twitch daily....
  11. DDayCobra

    Some one played 8600 games with Orion

    Well, let's put it this way: I play mostly in Co-op. That's my preference, so that must be his preference there. To each his own.
  12. DDayCobra

    Yi Sun Sin

    So does he have special voiceover or just the standard one?
  13. DDayCobra

    People you've encountered in-game

    Early morning Co-Op with @SgtSullyNZ
  14. DDayCobra

    Commander Yu reporting for duty!

    Nothing beats my anime waifus
  15. DDayCobra

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Metal_illness seen in...WoT chat? lol Just have to put it in here. Nice to see you on there...