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  1. Isn't this like, simply a matter of time before it happens? So now it's here. I'm not a carrier guy though, so my interest is mild at best.
  2. DDayCobra

    Forgettable ships tribute thread

    Practically most of my T4-below ships, aside from the Mikasa which I still enjoy playing. Sometimes I still go back to T1 (those T1 "cruisers"--actually just glorified gunboats--can still be fun going against fellow T1 boats). Other than that, been a long time since I really went down T4 under.
  3. It's bound to happen. You can feel that it will. I'm waiting for my Space Battleship Yamato. That's a bit more "realistic."
  4. DDayCobra

    Where is my KONG ????

    I think it would have been worth the real money or dubs if we have either of those two scenarios. At least then it brings something new to the game, sort of, any people would want to see that even just for the lols.
  5. DDayCobra

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Well, it's still another thing to have her to actually be a Commander than just having her voice, while Thea is there as Commander.
  6. DDayCobra

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Beat me to it. Yeah, I was also hoping if there is an HSF 2 event for this summer, hopefully Wilhelmina will be there as well as some of the other characters in the series. And maybe the Musashi also since Moeka is here, but no Musashi? And also Tohmi Miyazato, the Commander of the Yamato.
  7. DDayCobra

    it's my birthday!

    Hope you have a nice birthday there.
  8. DDayCobra

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    Aside for some glitches last Monday, so far I haven't encountered any issues and have been playing much since yesterday.
  9. DDayCobra

    Not Able to Login

    I think this is connected to the issue here earlier: I didn't have any problems about 3 hours earlier, though I'll see how it is when I log in a bit later.
  10. With the number of times it's been nerfed, WG might have to decide the Thunderer's a destroyer after all.
  11. DDayCobra

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    No Musashi for me yet. I hope WG would put it back even if for a limited time. But I got the girls and the HSF Hiei, so that is something. If Musashi is there then that would make it even much better.
  12. DDayCobra

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Really now. I know the Harekaze can be bought individually since even in Premium it's available, but haven't seen the Hiei yet. Was hoping it would be in Premium shop like the HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee. Edit: Yeah, saw the Hiei now. Funny, I swear it wasn't there before...
  13. DDayCobra

    [] Principality of Zeon Flag MOD

    Mod working perfectly, no problem for me...
  14. DDayCobra

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Yeah, but I noted that the two mission chains need HSF ships that need to be bought by doubloons, and bought as a set and not individually to boot.