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  1. DDayCobra

    ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    Never failed to disappoint me with this lol
  2. DDayCobra

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    Twitch stream later will be interesting. I can just see the angry chat. I pity whoever would be on there for WG as they try to explain this...
  3. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    Haven't gone to the Reddit one yet. I do have a Reddit account, but I'm on another name there, so there's that. Maybe I'll look it up soon. Just posting now on the WoWs Discord.
  4. DDayCobra

    Thanks for the great memories!

    See you also as well. I still see you on Twitch, and maybe on Discord as well...
  5. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    You can always start on Discord, or Reddit. Anyway...I haven't said my goodbyes yet, so I guess this is it. I'm trying out Discord, so some have already seen my posts there. I might also check out Reddit. I'm also active over at WoWs' official Facebook page as well the Facebook group World of Warships Global Fanbase: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WoWS.International
  6. DDayCobra

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    For those wondering, there is an Azur Lane thread on Discord: https://discord.com/channels/669128285527080961/1133413251602976849/threads/1133417676107161610
  7. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    Just made the thread for the codes there. Thanks for suggesting it. Thread link: https://discord.com/channels/669128285527080961/1133890768738730004
  8. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    It's a darned if you do, darned if you don't thing--it's not like WG has given us much choice anyway. One way or the other the forum's going to close, and there isn't much community options. Well actually there's still WoWs Facebook and the unofficial WoWs groups, but there's still something else about a forum that those don't have. Maybe I just got used to forums since way back late 90s, so I checked out Discord to see how it is there.
  9. DDayCobra

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    The area I encircled in red basically acts like a forum; discussions there are more structured (you can create threads, discussions aren't flying by fast) so people can keep up with what's happening. The one in green is the part that's more like chat, where everything goes by fast that it's hard to keep up.
  10. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    The Discord forum-type isn't so bad. Discussion is fast on chat but for the forum it's almost like here. Almost. You can create a thread there, so that's something...
  11. DDayCobra

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Since the forum is closing, for those interested, here's the link to the Discord AL WoWs discussion: https://discord.com/channels/669128285527080961/1133413251602976849/threads/1133417676107161610
  12. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    Sharkie should start spam posting since it wouldn't matter what happens anyway...
  13. DDayCobra

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    Well TBH the Discord does have chat and something of a forum. Still not the same as this. Though 3 days lead time isn't much--usually the announcement should be a month ahead, so it's still strange why this is a sudden move...
  14. DDayCobra

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    It's actually amusing when even the mods here agree with the players, but then WG won't listen anyway...
  15. DDayCobra

    Goodbye or something

    So anyway I just tried out Discord, and so far the familiar name I saw there is @THAI_THIEF so far...