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  1. KimmiChar

    Introduction thread

    I’m know as Kimmichar, I live in Australia and I’m a CC for the asia community, I’m trying to get involved in the community as much as I can by helping players where I can , I’m a Cv main but am currently working on lower tier gameplay and progression. Nice to meet you all
  2. KimmiChar

    Twitch Streamer Celebrity Deathmatch

    I wonder if we could make this work for pre Christmas event
  3. this was really easy to do thank you Nya
  4. Thanks for the input , I do enjoy a new ship and giveaways myself
  5. KimmiChar

    Community Tokens

    Thank you I’ve been around for a little just never posted , they may have fixed that as it doesn’t count on the twitch streamers end if you have it muted so thought that be why, but at least we know it works.
  6. KimmiChar

    Twitch Streamer Celebrity Deathmatch

    That be cool and also give asia server a little something to get excited about. As we don’t have many events happen on it.
  7. KimmiChar

    Twitch Streamer Celebrity Deathmatch

    We could always make something work even in training rooms , depending on how many people we can get involved in it
  8. Just wanted to find out what people enjoy watching as a viewer of content creators. do you enjoy the silly games , giveaways , tips and tricks , strategy play , new ships , ect…
  9. KimmiChar

    Twitch Streamer Celebrity Deathmatch

    This sounds interesting
  10. KimmiChar

    Community Tokens

    If anytime you have the stream muted it won’t count towards your score as twitch won’t classify you as a viewer
  11. KimmiChar

    Cv attack aircraft gun reworks

    Oh okay that’s why I didn’t see it there no tags on the post
  12. KimmiChar

    Cv attack aircraft gun reworks

    sorry I didn’t see another one active at the time I made this post. It didn’t come up when I was looking what’s it called ?
  13. KimmiChar

    Cv attack aircraft gun reworks

    I think that’s the push there going for to get the cv players to focus more on the ships with higher aa and health pools ect to make the game more balanced but it actually makes it harder for the newer Cv player who not necessarily has the experience to go thru flack or how to attack
  14. What are peoples opinions on the new rework with the Cv attack aircraft. My personal opinion is that there is always going to be pros and cons , the main con for me is the aiming system is a lot to get used to example what you can and can’t shoot how much lead you need ect ect. Pros are for DD especially is that we can’t farm anymore as it takes longer for an attack run and with the increased shot times makes it easier to evade. So there more of a target finder for your team as that’s a Cv job to provide AA cover and spot shoot when we can but keep ships spotted.