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  1. mashed68

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    hahahahaha Y'all get your panties in a bunch awefully quick around here.
  2. Everyone except the people who can't actually fly airplanes and play real airplane games hate carriers in WoWs. Literally everyone. [content removed] Promoting EULA violation. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  3. mashed68

    I like Me110s

    I like shooting them down. Just like I'm sure it would have been in real life lol.
  4. mashed68

    Real question here about chinese players

    I had always wondered this as well. What is a QQ id?
  5. Last night I was playing a destroyer. Pushing a camp with a cruiser with sonar. Thought he was turning left, launched torps. He turned right 😞 Ok that was my mistake, I felt terrible and I'll take the pink label. But then the very next game, my computer crashes right as the game starts. When I finally get it back up, I'm on a 9 game ban to co-op only for leaving the match early. Now that sucks since it wasn't something I can control. Le sigh. Tell me this doesn't happen often.
  6. mashed68

    Roast me!!!

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. That's the best I got.
  7. Flamu says it like it is, and 90% of the time he's totally right. Oh no, he's not a politically correct person. How terrible. Maybe if WG didn't make such bad choices in the name of immediate profit then he wouldn't have so much to say.....
  8. mashed68

    DD guns - when would you use AP on a DD?

    Broadside ships with lots of superstucture that you can pen.
  9. mashed68

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    I had 3 ricochets on a broadside cruiser in my North Carolina last night. Sometimes, rng says screw you.
  10. mashed68

    Well done WoWS, Well done...

    Is it different on the other servers for some reason?
  11. mashed68

    Modern Destroyers

    They already have bulls**t cv's and now you want missiles? Sounds like even more mindless "play" that requires no skill.
  12. mashed68

    American Flag camo?

    I was watching a vid today and saw a ship in American flag camo. Was that a special release or is there some way to still purchase it?
  13. I've been playing about a month. I agree DD's are very hard to master, and almost impossible to work with when confronting 2 carriers who know what they are doing so it really ruins the experience. American BB's are ok I guess, but they are pretty boring until you get to the NorCal. Then all a sudden its awesome.
  14. I'm not a computer savvy individual, and apparently somehow I downloaded and started playing on this Asia server. Everything was fine until I purchased some dabloons and never got them. After talking to wargaming I figured out I'm on the Asia server while sitting and playing in Arizona. So my question now is, is there any reason to switch regions? It sounds like I'll have to start at the beginning if I do, and I'm almost to the North Carolina which is honestly the only reason I started playing. But I also have tier 6 Japanese and German destroyers, tier 5 American and tier 6 german cruisers. So if I start over I have to play some really boring ships like the New York again and I hate that thing. Also, I had a lot of credits and dabloons from logging on during Christmas that I won't get starting over again. So, any reason to switch to the American region?