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  1. SpitHead

    Why was I reported????

    I played this game last night. I was reported, and lost two karma, but I don't see how I 'played poorly'. If you could take the time and trouble to watch it, I would be grateful for your feedback. tks 20220912_230145_PBSD110-Daring_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  2. SpitHead

    Making a commander 'elite'

    I found all the above posts helpful. PbKavarovsky, thank you. This is what I wanted to know. So, every time I move a 21 point commander up a tier (or to any new ship), I have to pay 300,000 XP. Ouch. Now I see why no one does this.
  3. SpitHead

    Making a commander 'elite'

    Guys, thanks for the advice. I'm going to give it a try. BTW, I have a British warrant officer in command of a cruiser, and soon I'll have a German Gross Admiral in command of a destroyer. Farlesquew, I'll look out for you ...
  4. My TII V-25 commander is now at level 17. I plan to continue using him in this DD until he gets to level 21, and then taking him through the rest of German destroyer line. I know I will need to retrain him for each new ship. Any thoughts/advice on this, please?