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  1. smallbean2020


    Give something FREE should be unconditional. One account can only activate once, what do you have to lose?
  2. 2021 already reserved for Lizard vs Monkey (Godzilla vs Kong). U have to wait 2022 to see any chance Scorpion vs Sub-Zero.
  3. smallbean2020

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    Remind me of Eagle vs Shark. Daily online players were the highest, in the end Shark won rewarded free Tier X Worcester Shark permanent camo. Then we have Megatron Vs Optimus Prime, end of event pay doubloons for the permanent camo.
  4. smallbean2020

    cant play after update

    After login if it is a pop out box error say something like " unable to connect to server...... " Most properly is World_of_Warships\bin folder corrupted. The right way is uninstall the game and reinstall again. Cheers !
  5. smallbean2020

    Why have you done this Wargaming?

    What do you expect to get answer from WG ? This will be their reply 「 Ask not what WG can do for you , ask what you can do for WG ? 」 Already been played for so many years, still not know their style ? Both of us joined the same year . Look like I have learned , adapted faster. Said again 「 Their game , their rules 」 Bang your balls who will hurt ? I just disappear....one day when the " miss " return , play a few rounds. Ocean are big , there are others catch.
  6. New year new strategy just gave top tier permanent camouflage(Marco Polo) when completed the event. To match the Premium Ship pay to get or play more for coal to get. Remember my very first premium ship when completed the event was tier 8 ARP Takao. That was many, many years ago.
  7. Past years of generosity came to an end. Now 2021 U should be grateful as a non-cash player to receive 1 special signal flag. 「 What goes around comes around 」since Italian Battleships 2 started daily number of players have been reduce.
  8. smallbean2020

    Penalty for Quitting Early when asked to reconnect?

    His game , his rules
  9. smallbean2020

    Deadeye gone?

    Hmmm.....! Before implement Command's Skills upgrade 19 --> 21 no trial run and recruit tester for feedbacks before launch ? Wow! counting number of days only 2 months or less ago. Well, If it is for the good of improvement....fine with it. Main concern got Free Redistribute (Reset) or have to pay doubloons or Elite Commander XP ? Just my 2 cents view.
  10. smallbean2020

    April Fools anniversary code

    Why complaint ? Already said :" April Fools anniversary code ."
  11. smallbean2020

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    「Hope is high, disappointed is great」. Just got 1 dragon special signal.