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    Captian name/Costomization

    I know you guys are constantly busy with way more important things then being able to rename or Customizes captains new or existing.. and would be best left porblery for some one who can make a mod on the Mod station to do it.. I know alot of people would use it for all kind of dif name uses from, there mates and there names,... IRL captains of real ships.. or even ingame char names they have used for yrs.,. A few different profiles pics to pic from as well from your choice along with male or female gender select.. i think would just add that lil more personal touch of yourself to the game.. for an alrdy amazing game.... Hint Wargaming.net.. U could even make it cost for example 1K boons to re-name or re customize your captains , I would pay for a few here and there that's for sure...