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  1. speedbird_concorde

    Flandre or Gascogne

    Thanks everyone's input. I took the Gascogne instead of Flandre... after running a few research, reviewing my recent playstyle and I have decided to give Gascogne a try. I still have a long way to go on aiming and positioning so I found Gascogne is more forgivable for me at this moment. I played around 10 games, so far so good, I will grind French BB line next. See you guys in the battles.
  2. speedbird_concorde


    才过1000场的新手飘过~ 在被虐中成长~ 只能靠自己摸索进步~
  3. speedbird_concorde


    最近有个法国国庆日的mission。没时间一点点升级上来,所以想入一条高级船完成任务。在Gascogne和Flandre之间徘徊。 看了很多Review,包括NA论坛上的。感觉这两船是各有特点。 所以大佬们有推荐么?亚服哪个比较好点。 PS,我感觉亚服上喷火船好多。最近Random, Grand Battle和Rank总是碰到亚特兰大、雷神等纵火流,有时候被拉烟DD搞得都没脾气了。。。
  4. speedbird_concorde

    Any of you regulars here in a Clan that do Clan Wars often?

    It's hard for me to find a CLAN as well. The CLAN I went into either filled with 10K+ battles players which has 0 paitent on new babies, or there's not enough active players... I only enjoy my CLAN benefits of reduce service cost, discount on research new ships and a little bit more XPs so far.
  5. speedbird_concorde

    Flandre or Gascogne

    Thanks for your input. Gascogne has mixed review in NA forums. It's quite a unique ship I feel. Like Graf Spee.
  6. speedbird_concorde

    Flandre or Gascogne

    Thanks guys, I will go Flandre. If I had time, I would grind from tire II CA, I believe French is a good line, no need to mention two great BBs Richelieu and Alscase, however, time is limited... BTW, Champagne is not available anymore right? I cant't find this ship in neither Amory or Premiums shops.
  7. speedbird_concorde

    Flandre or Gascogne

    I am not on any French ships at this moment, but I'd like to take the opportunity of French national day mission to get one premium French BBs. I'd like to take either Flandre or Gascogne, Gascogne is an old ship all the reviews I could found were years ago. So which one would you recommend today? A little bit about myself. I am a below average BB players, grinding hard on Tire 8 German BB line with secondary build. I enjoy play Scharnhorst with secondary build. I have reached Tire X in US and Italian BBs, but I have struggled a lot on accuracy at tire IX for both lines, trying to improve but not yet found a hit. Based on Wiki, Gascogne has faster reload time, seems like a battle cruiser, while Flandre seems more traditional BBs, maybe a good snipper? I haven't run across these two ships that much in the past 2 months. I did see people playing Flandre when it was released but not as many as it used to be.
  8. speedbird_concorde


  9. speedbird_concorde


    罗马射速快,面对巡洋是容易出过穿的。无SAP,无烟,HE起火概率低,所以和正常线有较大区别。 我是感觉这船的打法是比较特别的。他的射程短决定了在对方位置,尤其是驱逐舰和巡洋舰位置不透明的时候往前突击会有较大的风险,毕竟你隐蔽再低低不过那驱逐么,双方远程对射,那就多看小地图判断走位找侧面吧,毕竟往前冲被点亮了那就是一堆炮火集中。 可以去Youtube上找一些comunity contributors的视频看看。 题外话,这船配了kobayashi啤酒瓶的涂装收益仅次于密苏里似乎。
  10. speedbird_concorde

    Am I investing too much in this game

    I told myself, just 2 games per day for fun and relax. But... I always endup with 10 games or even more...
  11. Any chance we could have this Coupon in the near future? I'd like to buy a preimum ship or pop-up my Doubloons if this coupon is available.