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  1. GroundedMuslimYT

    FYI 10x 2018 Black Friday Containers

    not a fan of JB but Thunderer. thought i'd get 25k coal too+ 5k coal bonus from clan = 30k total coal.. and then i'd buy Thunderer ASAP with the remaining coal i had.. but after seeing mission isnt getting completed and then reaching forum whole dice changed for real.. i'm just so mad RN..
  2. GroundedMuslimYT

    FYI 10x 2018 Black Friday Containers

    Got JB and i see to complete the mission i need original JB which i dont have.. well played WG well played.. 🙂 😕
  3. GroundedMuslimYT

    Black Friday Mission bug

    same.. opened containers bought jean bart thinking i'd get 25k coal and 2.5k doubloons in return but guess what.. here comes the wargaming hey you know what actually who cares if its a sale black friday or whatevr.. you pay 19200 doubloons again to get the 25k coal.. i am sick of their money making schemes.. it made me so so sad like dude.. i was thinking of getting thunderer by getting 25k coal+ the remaining i have.. Also dont think they will change the mission to ''Jean Bart B'' maybe they'll add the original JB to buy or leave it as it is.. idk im just mad after seeing that, you see how they tricked us, In the armory no maintain of such as ''Original Jean Bart'' they just said ''Jean Bart'' us players who are gonna buy half of em won't read the news in detail before purchasing also no ''CLEAR'' mention of it in the armory..
  4. GroundedMuslimYT

    More Rewards for Prime Gaming Members & Massachusetts for Rent

    twitch prime is not available in India, so what i did is i used VPN changed my region once to US paid for amazon prime as US based money 2$ then i try to link twitch it still said its not available in your region even after VPN and region everything changed to US.. secondly i did with germany again everything same money also deducted at last it was same '' prime is not available in your region'' so yeah no chance for Indians.. no matter what.. we miss so many things at twitch server is not available in India it would be so great if you guys do something which is not related to ''Twitch Prime'' ultimately.. :/