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    You'll understand WG's balancing rules after you take depth look at more boats,a balanced ship will always gain some and lose some. Why Pyotr Bragation have that range? Because her guns are shitty,HE DPM is only 122,727 (lower than some heavy cruiser equipped with 203 mm guns,Irian has 198,000 HE DPM) and 180 mm shells can't penetrate 32 mm without IFHE. So Pyotr Bragation's damage output is anemic and needs longer range/heal to compensate,or she'll be extremely underpowered. Also,only 10% citadel restoration greatly hampers the effectiveness of that heal At T8 not many cruisers get heals,and those who get heals need to pay for it. Cheshire/Albermarle/Edinburgh are fragile and can be killed with ease,they need heals to stay alive,Atago/Prinz Eugen/Pyotr Bragation/Congress/Haarlem/Tone/D7P/Tiger 59 needs heals to make up for their bad damage output capability (low DPM),they need longer time to deal the same amount of damage other ship dealt As for DFAA,that's one of her weaknesses,but RTS CV has gone for long,maybe this weakness is not as serious as it was before? Also I usually bring hydro if I need to choose between hydro and DFAA,I think nowadays DFAA is not as important as it was,planes will always drop something off anyway,you can't stop them..... Also Pyotr Bragation's firing angles are crap at 35/49,it can be easily smashed when kiting. Server stats also shows that Irian is a better ship,avg. damage of Pyotr Bagration is a little less than 45k while Irian has more than 50k. Don't be envious of Pyotr Bragation,please believe that Irian is a better ship As for Siliwangi,I highly suggest you forward this problem to customer service and see how it goes,talking about it in forum can't solve the problem since WG won't take forum posts as suggestions
  3. New_Jersey_prpr

    so when Worcester can be buff?

    It'll be perfect if she can earn something at co-op as well
  4. New_Jersey_prpr

    ​📰 PT 0.10.10, Balance Changes (with Zao "Buff")

    Is it wrong to ask for more variety? I'll still get her anyway,who can resist a free T9 premium? She's a boring ship for me because she's no different from other USN cruisers,she's not bad,just not interesting
  5. New_Jersey_prpr


    等到和水牛城一样差就可以buff了 (快进到加一丁点射速,不解决实际问题) 我是真不知道现在随机战当个工具人还有什么用,整条线就你一个船头朝前的,一帆风顺祝你好运,反正你是可有可无的,好不容易隔着山开雷达抓获驱逐舰结果等雷达走完了驱逐舰没掉一滴血。那就一起摆烂呗,反正我射速快不停泼水总能中几发(之前巨战的时候还打过几场18w输出的,震撼我自己) 听没听说过“没有雷达的美巡才是好美巡”,罗彻斯特的游戏体验好多了……
  6. New_Jersey_prpr

    so when Worcester can be buff?

    Because many people are crying for Zao buffs,and not that many people cry for Worcester buffs Tiger 59,while being a weird ship everyone is laughing at,still gets very high win rate. Worcester's performance (both floor and ceiling) is heavily limited by her ballistics and survivability. The gap between radar range and concealment range is too big and makes her radar much less effective Worcester is my first T10 ship,I tried multiple builds on her and every build has something that makes you uncomfortable,in short,you are less likely to get good gameplay experience with Worcester. I even can't decide which to take in 6th slot,put range mod on and after some day changed it to reload mod,then find out that everyone is camping and range is needed,changed it to range mod again......(using range mod≠use maximum range,hitting shots at 17 km is still not very hard) Maybe Worcester is weak just because she existed,strong ships are mainly unbuilt or fantasy ones
  7. New_Jersey_prpr

    Kearsarge in PORT!

  8. New_Jersey_prpr

    ​📰 PT 0.10.10, Balance Changes (with Zao "Buff")

    But Indianapolis only has 16 mm bow/aft armor,it should be 25 mm
  9. New_Jersey_prpr


    诶嘿,还真是.jpg 不过米诺陶比藏王轻但是血量却有四万三,我也不知道开发组在想什么,只希望这2000是初步计划,以后能接着加,加到一个比较合理的水平
  10. New_Jersey_prpr

    ​📰 PT 0.10.10, Balance Changes (with Zao "Buff")

    I think Rochester can be a good recent example of a well balanced ship with unique strengths. She's clearly not OP,but also provides comfortable gameplay
  11. New_Jersey_prpr


    If you ask me which one to choose,I'll still stick with Irian. Irian has her weaknesses,but she's real and has her own history to tell. Stats show that Irian is doing pretty good with 50k avg. damage at SEA server. Bagration has a bad reputation among my country's playerbase,while Irian holds her position for being a unique ship(also powerful in some cases). Many people really don't know the power of her torps and pushed into it (then get smashed). I know getting torp hits really depends on luck (one of the reasons why I mainly play USN cruisers,they don't have torps to worry about lol),but the effectiveness of Irian's torps shouldn't be underestimated. Her guns are not nerfed when compared to Chapayev,and she can still deal respectable amount of damage with them. Well,she has depth charges Irian and Siliwangi's case reminds me of ships like Huanghe(modified HMS Aurora),Fenyang(Akizuki class) and Yueyang(Allen M. Sumner class). All three are arguably underpowered ships,Huanghe has heavy cruiser DPM and painfully short range,Fenyang's guns are just awful when compared to Akizuki's,her torps can't hit DDs and CA/CLs,and Yueyang is almost forgotten However many people still go for them for obvious reasons,even if they know they need to play very hard to get good result with these underpowered ships. Irian is a rather competitive ship when compared with these ships,not to mention her much more interesting history
  12. New_Jersey_prpr

    ​📰 PT 0.10.10, Balance Changes (with Zao "Buff")

    WG is just making Tulsa another typical USN heavy cruiser,this already seriously limited her uniqueness. Why not make Tulsa a open-water gunship with good firing range,(modified) better ballistics and good maneuverability plus other gimmicks,instead of another boring typical USN cruiser? Months ago when Tulsa was out for the first time,her stats are still a work in progress,I thought maybe WG wants to make a difference and make an atypical USN cruiser that mainly focus on open water play(I'd rather give up radar for other gimmicks). Again I was expecting too much from WG,and Tulsa is just another......rather boring ship
  13. New_Jersey_prpr


    While radar is useful,it draws enemy BBs' attention and silently urge you to push to catch DDs in cap (main reason for my bad performance on USN cruisers before). Some teammates may also urge you to push in and pop radar for them while you don't want to I found my gaming experience (also performance) with Rochester much better than Wichita. Radar is an important tool but also a somewhat heavy burden at the same time. I'd rather ditch radar to get something else tbh
  14. New_Jersey_prpr


    IMO Irian is not bad,of course she's weaker if you compare her to Kutuzov,Kutuzov is too OP. I think it's more reasonable to compare Irian with Chapayev,and Irian has her unique strengths when compared with Chapayev 1.Irian has better firing angles,Irian's firing angles are 30/35 while Chapayev's are 30/37 2.Irian has longer range,though only 0.2 km longer 3.Irian has 2.05 sigma while Chapayev only gets 2.0 4.Chapayev has 37000 HP while Irian has 41200 HP 5.Irian's turning radius is smaller 6.Irian has better AA 7.Irian has better secondary guns 8.Irian has much better torps (her main selling point) tbh Irian is pretty attractive for me,I might consider getting her someday......I can understand your depression (I assume you are an Indonesian) but at least Irian is not that bad
  15. New_Jersey_prpr


    Stalingrad has her weakness,her citadel is exposed and it's 180 mm thick Yet Petro already has 180 mm armor outside its citadel,citadel armor below turrents is 120 mm thick and citadel armor at midsection is 40 mm thick. Which means you need to penetrate 300 mm armor to citadel a Petro if you are unlucky,even if you hit the midsection you still need to penetrate 220 mm armor. In addition the citadel sits very low in the water and multi layer design can further improve its protection. I really can't understand why they nerf Stalingrad this hard while only do small nerfs to Petro