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  1. SparkyOreo

    Christmas gift idea?

    I am looking for some Christmas gift ideas. Anything that I can get from WoW and put it under the Christmas tree? Been a relatively new player, I've been playing this game for only few months, and love to team up with my boy. If anyone has good gift idea, please share. Thank you.
  2. Any suggestion on the best hardware to fully take advantage of WoW graphic features? What type of gaming computer is best suitable to play WoW? Need to start looking for a new PC for Christmas.
  3. SparkyOreo

    NEW MAC WITH M1 Chip

    I did try parallel and installed WoW on the virtue window. It worked couple times and crashed. Can't play it on virtue window anymore. Sad. My WoW days are numbered....
  4. SparkyOreo

    NEW MAC WITH M1 Chip

    will World of Warships consider to work on an update version that will take advantage of the new Mac M1 Chip with Rosetta 2 or universal app?