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  1. Max__Effort

    Your Opinion: A response to Max_Battle’s threads

    Load up an alt just to vote on a bacon poll? Who would do that?
  2. Max__Effort

    New to Research Bureau

    We are Max.
  3. Max__Effort

    Roast me

    Get inventive with your insults. See how low we can get the score. Can we get to absolute zero? -273? https://asia.wows-karma.com/player/2027903455,Max__Effort/
  4. Who would do such a thing?
  5. Max__Effort

    In Freedom Server...

    YOU USE ALTS!? That's deceiptful.
  6. Max__Effort

    Say Hello to my Little Friends

    Amateur hour. My stuffed unicorn is more unicum than all of you. Lowest battles. Highest Winrate. Max Effort. Max__Effort - Player info and stats - WoWS Stats & Numbers - ASIA (wows-numbers.com)
  7. Max__Effort

    To whom I must complaint against noobs and CV.

    He's right you know.
  8. Max__Effort

    Personal Average.

    Wow, THAT guy rocks! I wonder who he is?
  9. Max__Effort


    Well Deadpool was just on TV, so... ...so I need a Unicorn and some privacy.
  10. Max__Effort


    The decision, has been made...