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  1. Lived696

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    LOve Shima but yes it's not easy. Some games can make great points with many kills and medals and some games will end in the first minutes if cv is good.but mostly my own stupid decisions killing me. I just learned not to rush cap. I stay close to it but same time making sure I'm out of radar reach when I don't put torps on way. And when time is right I push. Basically always different but one thing I learn in this game, even best players cannot survive always so have to learn from mistakes and adapt to the situation. I use the 12km torps btw only because 20km ones can spot from 2.5km and 8km ones not for me as I'm still very very noob lol😉☺️ PS sorry for bad english
  2. Lived696

    Shimakaze camo

    Ok, thank you very much for time. Well it's still nice so I will enjoy what I have😊
  3. Lived696

    Shimakaze camo

    Thank you. I read on same forum before that it turns to premium, but ok this info was wrong or I understand very wrong way. You can see here they speak that if you put camo on T10 it will be premium https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/111406-shimakaze-premium-camo/
  4. Lived696

    Shimakaze camo

    Hi. I read before if I buy camo for Shimakaze for doubloons it will turn the to premium. So I choose to buy Angler camo what cost me 40$ and it did not turn my ship to premium. Do I missing here something or its just a visual for 40 dollars? I put commander in and it asked to retrain him so Im sure this ship not premium. SOrry for bad english
  5. Lived696

    7-days left to complete directives For German Ships

    wait sorry but you can play PTU? I downloaded also but every time i try login it says my version is older and to update client. I was thinking its because ptu closed. Am I wrong?
  6. Lived696

    Premium Shop: Alaska

    Man the camouflage is LIT but damn prices in this COVID time without any work. FOr hundred dollars can get full dummy couple of weeks where I am
  7. Lived696

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    Can you please make 50% discount I want to get one ship but I have only 7000 doubloons and impossible to buy my bank card expired and I'm stuck 15k km from home for long. I hope you guys can make one day with discount before it ends
  8. Lived696

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    Yeah mate I almost got Asashio but then decided to jump from german bb to Japanese DD so I just grinded from 0 to t8 Kagero. Yesterday spend all day in ranked matches. Well worth the grind, I like it way better 7vs7
  9. Lived696


    As a DD player, I almost got Asashio just to get in ranked battles but lucky I didn't spend money on it. Instead, I got more weed and grinded Japanese DD line from 0 to t8 in 3 days. Jess lots of joints and lots of cafes but was worth it:D
  10. Sorry, I see its old topic, but I just randomly received a container from Bad Advice episode. I went for the search of containers on armory shop but it's not there. How and why do I received this container? Best regards
  11. Lived696

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    I have rank 7 BB highest lol how I suppose to participate in rank 8
  12. Lived696

    Return Of Submarines - Estimated Date?

    I hope to see a release soon. Please WG release the submarines asap