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  1. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    Playing for fun...eh... (this was admittedly some time ago) (note my team members)
  2. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    [Fixed]Battle of the Beasts issue

    Fifth'd. (This isn't a word, and will never be.)
  3. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    CV Thought

    I will not say this again: CVs do not irrationally attack someone for a random reason unless the CV truly does not know what he is doing. For example, if I am caught out in a bad position and the CV decides to join the ships already firing at me while spotting me - then that's because of my own bad position, not the CV. If I'm a DD that could REMOTELY pose a threat to enemy caps, which I do often, I expect the CV to be spotting me frequently, whether by chance or intentional. The argument about "yeah they can deal damage with risking hitpoints" may apply to every ship class to a certain extent - for example, BBs may simply snipe cruisers at distances they can't hit back. Or DDs can torp BBs while undetected. The difference is, these ships are able to defend themselves when found, whereas CVs can do absolutely nothing but be sniped from distances their secondaries can't fight back (even if they can, they don't do much unless you're GZ). And remember that while the enemy team has a CV you have one too - wouldn't that be everyone suffering from the same sentiments? Find ways to reduce damage. You probably already do that with BB salvoes or torpedoes. I have had my fair share of being hounded by CVs, and sometimes being the CV itself. How do CVs know if attacking you is truly the right move? Maybe the Midway is throwing all it's got at my Ostergotland, when he could be contributing to demolishing a flank or defending a cap. Is the attack a waste of time or an active contribution to your team? CVs have their own troubles too - just try playing uptiered Shokaku games. Perhaps it would be helpful to play CVs to learn how you can get around their characteristics, pros and cons. TL;DR: it's not the CV's fault for "focusing" you, and you can find your own way to give him a hard time too. CV isn't a nice thing to play in certain games either.
  4. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Captain point recommendation for EU DD

    I wouldn't sink points into the guns or AA because the former is already good enough and the latter isn't useful enough most of the time (and it is already not bad once you get DFAA from T8 onward). Concentrate on survivability and torpedoes, always take SE and buff the torpedo reload so you can deal more damage faster. Doesn't seem like much but shaving 5 seconds can mean a lot between no torpedoes or torpedoes in a perfect situation. If you must take BFT, note that you have no smoke, and you must cheekily use island cover and other obstacles to disengage. Your guns only reach 9.3km stock which is ideal if you want to disengage from an enemy DD quickly. It also ensures that when you kill a DD using your guns other ships can't detect you if they are not closer than 9.3km since you last fired. BFT extends the firing range with makes it harder for you to disengage. In EU DDs you must keep engagements short and sweet, so you can make use of your heal, to outlast the other enemy DDs. BFT is kind of contradictory in that sense (what are you gonna shoot anyway? You're just exposing your ship for a little longer, perhaps long enough for the enemy team to kill you). The guns should only be used when necessary (unless there's no pressure on you), whereas the torpedoes are essential and therefore are more deserving of your points. SE is a must in my opinion - EU DDs have a low HP pool because of the heal, making you vulnerable to burst damage.
  5. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    [An Ankle-deep "Review" Of] The Sakura Super Cruiser

    I smell a whiff of LWM. But then my senses haven't been working properly these days. Neurons aren't firing like they used to.
  6. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Oland, Is it worth it? Discussion

    Oland is quite similar to Skane, improving upon her in a few areas. DFAA is now available, which boosts her AA defense to a respectable level. Oland gets access to more powerful torpedoes, which are now capable of dealing up to 10,700 damage per hit. The gun reload also decreases slightly. If you've played Skane you'll notice that it is a torpedo-boat, though admittedly with some remarkable differences from other destroyers. There is no Smoke Generator, and this emphasises the importance of positioning. If you are caught out in a gunfight or by a CV, there is no easy way to disengage. Therefore one must be careful in positioning EU DDs, lest they quickly get concentrated (you have a small health pool, remember). Oland, with DFAA, can take planes with a little more confidence, but does not discourage CV attacks. The guns fire fast, though they do not have the raw DPM of American, French etc DDs, they are good in defending the ship against other DDs. What you should do is to keep engagements short, so you can disengage and heal. This heal allows you to outlast most DDs. Speed is considered average, but I don't think this is a large handicap. The torpedoes are excellent, with access to a super-narrow spread, but don't deal much damage. The speed and reload should allow for more consistent performance and more hits, though. Oland is definitely worth it as a T8 DD, she is not that sensitive to radar and is generally able to handle most things that come at her (at her own pace, of course!). The weaknesses are the small number of torpedo tubes and guns and the lack of smoke, but these can be worked around. For example, disengaging is helped by the short-ranged guns and the above-average concealment. Your build is the traditional DD build; I suggest you stick with it (remember to take CE!). No glaring weaknesses, overall - adapt and overcome. (Here's a funny thing about Oland. Her rear turret can turn 360 degrees, which is a blessing if you ask me. EU DDs don't have good turret traverse speed till TX Halland.)
  7. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom


    What's your luck even...i only detonated BB once before...
  8. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Torp, stop gunning, stop, TORP

    Be me. Playing Oland, contesting the cap. Cleveland behind me: "Set a Smoke Screen!" Later in game, when CV spotted and 3 contacts firing on me: "Smoke up" "now" The CV was a Ryujo, engaging me with AP bombers. DFAA turned on, he stayed only for a minute. then i get: "how tf my planes die so fast" Truly, weekend players are something else. (we won the game.) (blindtorped an unspotted DD twice)
  9. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    How I Felt Using Radar for the First Time

    When the DD is within 10km/12km!
  10. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    I think I'm gonna whale the Vampire II

    Kitakaze is great, yeah, after all the glaring weaknesses of Akizuki. Harugumo trades speed and rudder response for the fifth turret, which doesn't look that important but it does define her as a gunboat. It is extremely satisfying to fire a broadside every 3 seconds with the HE giving enemy DDs 2k damage per salvo. She's like a Smolensk. But oh the torpedo tubes, neglected without any proper protection in front of turret newcomer #3. At least with Akizuki and Kitakaze they're enclosed between the AA mount stations, but Harugumo... Especially in co-op it tends to get knocked out at ridiculous times, even destroyed outright because they're boxy. If RNG smiles on you, YOLO 2 BBs at the same time (ha!). Torp one with the preloaded salvo (good enough to sink even a lightly toasted one) then pop the TRB, and sink the second one...problem is all the killstealing whiners. Wait, if you're in this ship you're probably one of them too :P (the second torp option is probably the most pointless thing ever.)
  11. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Social Wolves Operation Group

    Shchors' cursed spawn with SWOG!
  12. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    Have you ever played CV? CVs don't have it easy - no ship class does. Ever seen a deplaned carrier especially late game? WOWs is a rock-scissors-paper game with extra RNG and additional factors. CVs can counter everything but depend on surface support to finish the target off. Attacking one target is time-consuming with little returns if the target has high health and strong AA. CVs do not fight based on their HP, but plane reserves. Planes replenish at a rate that is slower than losses incurred from attack runs and only feel adequate if you cycle between plane types. Find the CV and kill it - they can do nothing against torpedoes or enemy shelling. CVs can do absolutely nothing with the wrong plane type or worse - no planes at all. If CVs are as powerful as you say they'd be capable of putting out squadron after squadron of planes even after massive losses. They would also be able to do something in a 1 v 3 situation commonly seen at the ending stages of matches. CVs can't even control CAP fighters or their DCP. CVs are easier to score damage, but harder to score HIGH damage. Everything is balanced save for the spotting mechanic which I agree can be irritating. CVs need more to back up their spotting on the targets though. As I have always said to CV haters, maybe experiencing "wall of flak", "AA-induced inaccuracy" and "paranoia of saving planes" will change your mind. All ships are punished by mistakes, and CVs are no exception. For CVs it's probably worse - you don't notice how 1 lost aircraft squadron could influence the match, and suddenly a few minutes later you're deplaned and an appetizing target for all that come across you.
  13. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    If it really counts, and you really, REALLY want to win(or just not blow up), why not do yourself a favour and just mount Juliet Charlie? Even if it's a miniscule chance of detonating, it's gonna happen...so why risk it? Mount the flag. I don't know how many of these I have now, but I am fairly conservative with using them and save them for Ranked or Clan Battles. As someone who plays DD regularly I have detonated a fair few times; I've even had a match in Hawkins where the first shell that hit me detonated myself less than 3 minutes in. The Magazine Mod 1 is available too. BBs have the least chance of detonating, after CVs which have no chance at all. Deck yourself out when it comes to CB and Ranked. Randoms? I just run with the bare minimum, maybe for credit/XP grinding. I have NEVER spent money on this game and will probably never do so. Alternatively, you can play DDs in randoms and grind JC flags after you blow up.
  14. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Sooooooooo the skill columns don't line up...

  15. RX160S_Byarlant_Custom

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    Damn right. Us DDs are most suspect to attack aircraft, which can't react in time to drop their payloads on us when unspotted. The only planes that CAN drop on us are torpedo/HE bombers, and even then there are actions you can take to minimize damage. If you have troubles with CVs, play CVs and see things from their perspective? CVs aren't perfect, especially with most T8s onward having decent, if not very good AA. There are ways to counter all types of aircraft a CV can throw at you, even if you can't dodge. Let's not talk about RTS CV nuking potential. CVs can spot, CVs can damage, but it requires the rest of the team to know what they're doing as well. Have you ever played high-tier games as Shokaku? CVs don't carry games like they used to. Heck, I'm a DD main, and I don't normally have much problems with CVs. If the CV plays well, that's good on him. Or if you like, you could simply leave the game. CVs have their advantages. Yes, they are a little broken. Deal with it. Don't go alone, don't put yourself in positions where the enemy team can light you up. Minimise the number of ships that can engage you in return if you're spotted.