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  1. Sunny_The_GG_Good_Game

    How to pronounce "Östergötland"

    Well.... As I just got Jutland, I start to see tier IX Swedish destroyer more often, and Idk how to say her name, I tried to search for the word "How to pronounce Östergötland" on Google and I saw a lot of tutorials on the internet. But EVERY SINGLE tutorial speaks TOO FAST. Östergötland - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
  2. Sunny_The_GG_Good_Game

    How to deal with selfish CL

    If there less support I would think about escape plan BUT if you have a LOT of friend and they leave you alone. what would you feel about it
  3. Sunny_The_GG_Good_Game

    How to deal with selfish CL

    Just imaging that you are DD that just going to cap at game start ,you turn away and see there's few battleships oh there's light cruiser there's also some heavy cruiser I have enough support I can cap this and then you see enemy DD , you and enemy DD spot each other and you start to firing him. just few moment there's lot HE throwing to you and NOONE helping you. you turn around and see that friendly light cruiser just run away... WHY YOU RUN AWAY ?!!? THERE'S NO REASON TO RUN AWAY ???? DD is spotting enemy for you ,battleships is fighting each other they don't have time to care about you Just positioning yourself and firing at enemy DD isn't that HARD.