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  1. fishbed70

    now ive seen it all

    I have never played on other region servers, except on Asia. It's quite common to see selfish players drive ships that rush just to cut into other ship's path, or refuse to slow down despite their ships banging into the sides of other ships, thus slowing both down. Wonder is it common in other region servers too? Another issue, parking behind or just edge of islands shooting may be valid tactics for certain type of ships. But there are really players that play their ships hiding behind or just behind edge of islands, and do absolutely nothing for minutes. Not shooting, not spotting, not capturing zones. These ships aren't really beached, as visually they are still some little distance from the islands edge. Wonder is it due to players' inexperience, or too afraid to take risk, or trying to ambush (but enemies aren't even pushing), or player just goes afk? I can tolerate poor performance from teammates , as long as their ships still try doing damage to enemies. But hiding behind islands purposely and do nothing? This really unacceptable.
  2. fishbed70

    Should I play Zieten like a Roon?

    Managed to play a few random games with Zieten. The first game I played it a bit like the Roon, not very successful, and was sunk early, only dealing out 30K damage. Another game I am quite sucessful. I was initially pushing with 2 friendly BBs in a flank, then has to rush back alone to defend a home cap as the other flank collasped. Facing two red cruisers and one destroyer into my gome cap, my "pushing" to defend the cap indeed shows the power of Zieten's secondaries, against same tier, lower class enemy ships. In this game, my Zieten deals out 90K damage. Another game I faced higer tier BBs and CAs, and the Zieten really was indeed not tough enough to tank against them. This game I managed only 50K damage. It indeed has to rely on coordinated team push, if it is the lowest tier ship in the game, as it won't stand a chance doing the tanking. And yeah, I have my Lutjens skills designed for full secondaries, to maximise the secondaries power of this KM BC line.
  3. Just got the Zieten today. Ok, it is a ugly (superstructure) BC, with 4 main guns (2 turrets) in the aft, 2 main guns (1 turret) in the front. So far, just playing it in Co-op to have a try. I am quite good at playing Roon, a ship also with 2/3 of main guns at the aft. Usually I play Roon in a support role, maintaining distance as ship concealment is at around 14.9km, and kiting is main style of play. But Zieten is a more sluggish BC, though with better concealment (13.7km, can be reduced further). It's 406mm main guns have fast reloads (22.5 sec). Do you think it should be played like the Roon style too? Anyone has good experience playing this weird KM BC? Anyway, I have put Lutjens (so far, skill 13) on it. I wanted to eventually grind to Schlieffen. Or should I just free XP to P.Rupprecht directly, and just ignore playing the Zieten?
  4. fishbed70

    Crazy MM these few days

    Not surprising. How many times did I see 2/3 or 4/5 of team fleet went lemming to one flank but still horrendously wiped out within 10 mins......OR 3 DDs on our team fleet all died within 10 mins, and enemy team DDs all surviving and performing skillfully......OR Yesterday, I was playing Roon on a flank. A enemy Agir charges the cap, but skillfully moving. To my horror, our DD in this flank died early, then 2 of our BBs charge the cap too and played as if it is Co-op. The 2 BBs soon died as they gives too many broadside to the enemy Agir and also in torps brawl exchange, one of them, a Preussen, it's torps hit nothing but enemy Agir scored 3 torps hit. I can only help farm the enemy Agir at the back in slow kiting position. Soon one of our German BC sunk, enemy Agir sunk, and our other remaining BB with dimished HP sunk by enemy following up Jean Bart. I started to farm the Jean Bart, but to my horror again, I realize the center and other flank already collasped, only one friendly ship surviving running away over there. It all happened so fast, and just another minute game ends, as all caps firmly in the hands of enemy. Random games seem to be overly unbalanced in terms of team skills.
  5. fishbed70

    How to deal with selfish CL

    There are many reasons. 1) CL is spotted, CL decides to avoid risk of being target as first priority. 2) This CL has most guns behind (example a Nurnberg), so CL decides to turn to kiting firing position. 3) CL not confident in accurately shooting enemy DD? So CL did not fire. 4) CL has been firing at other target, CL just wants to concentrate at that target irregardless. 5) This CL has no HE, so CL decides it is pointless to shoot at enemy DD. 6) CL decides to change from AP loaded to HE, and it takes him time to load (CL may not have 50% faster shells changing skill captain). 7) Or that actually one or two of the allied ships behind you did start to shoot at the enemy DD. But perhaps due to their longer reload time (14s, 15s for some cruisers), it gives a false perception to you that allied ships not doing enough to give fire support. 😎 Or perhaps this CL has very little experience. Anyway, I played a lot of cruisers, I would say cruisers will mostly help to fire at a spotted DD if possible. If the allied ships behind you are indeed selfish, then too bad.
  6. My T9 Agir lasted only 3 and a half minute in a random game today. Sunk by 6 shells from Satsuma at 21.3km, my Agir about 50deg angled turning away. Hate it !
  7. fishbed70

    Which of these coal ships shall I pick?

    All depends on which type of play-style you like. I have Pommern and Yoshino. Pommern: Pros: Good in coop. Strong secondaries with 12km range with secondaries built. 6km torps for brawl. German hydro. Very good turtle-back protection when angled. Cons: Terrible main guns dispersion. A lot of ricochets hits common. X and Y turrents angles terrible. Burnt easily under focused HE spams. Large turning radius. 33sec standard reload. My experience: During initial stage of game, don't push. Will 100% die very soon if under concentrated fire. Good for coordinated pushing or defending caps, tanking for team cruisers during mid phase or end phase. Secondaries can melt and kill already weakened enemies. Yoshino: Pros: High fire-starter, with extremely good main guns accuracies. Very good AA. Can equip 4x4 20km powerful Shimakaze torps, with reasonably good firing angles. Low detection range. AP is surprisingly strong, use them against broadside cruisers when needed. Hydro. Cons: Long ship, thus maneveurabilty a slight problem in a many islands map. Poor side armor. Can melt fast if caught on fire. My experience: Stay far away from frontline during initial stage of game. Play it as an efficient HE super-spammer, and goes immediately dark if under focused. Be careful with positiong, beware of enemies cross-fire, as Yoshino can easily lost half of HP if hit broadside. Good flanker and kites well in a fallen flank. Torps, despite slim chances, may hit unexpected enemies if direction of fire chosen well. Personally, I hope to get Napoli when my coal replenishes to be enough to get a coal ship again.
  8. fishbed70

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    Finally a new record for myself 😊 Last record was in a Fuso, 156,424 damage. New record today in a Yoshino, 172,473 damage.
  9. Add a in port feature where you can zoom in and walk on the decks, climb the superstructure, looking out views from inside the bridge, etc. Game mechanics aside, have to say most of the WG ships are indeed very well designed for their exterial beauty, and it would definitely be a pleasure for us captains to be able to do some close zoom-in visual appreciation of the ships. Wish all a Happy and Prosperous 2022.
  10. Just gotten my T9 KM super cruiser Agir today using 1M FXP, and played her in random with a 6 skill points captain.........WOW! Really not bad at all. AP hit like a truck against broadside ships! In this game the red team played very well, and I am really satisfied with the Agir performance although my team lost. Agir may turn out to be the best ship for my playstyle 😁 time will tell....
  11. fishbed70

    A wasteful Amagi....

    Yesterday in a random game....me in my Pommern.....and a Amagi on my flank just wasted it's firepower sitting at the back bow-on reversing slowly. Why would a player waste the Amagi's broadside firepower playing like this? Am really frustrated in that game. Only if the team Amagi be more useful instead of bow-on sniping at the back at max-range (Amagi guns range 19.9km) , it can at least help to kill off the later advancing enemy Georiga. I was frustrated because my Pommern already tried the best using my secondaries to wear down the Georgia to 16K HP, but due to this Amagi's lack of proper firepower support, enemy Georgia made a HP comeback. In below mini-map, the red circle is the wasteful Amagi positioning. (Just wanted to rant a bit on the forum, sorry...)
  12. WG had inactivated friendly fire damage since updates not long ago, and generally I believe majority of the playerbase are happy with it. Now we know we don't have to worry about friendly fire damage, be it deliberate (from a purposefully team-killer or from a madly frustrated player or from a unhappy revengeful player), or accidental (from unskilled teammates or from a mis-fired accidental keyboard touch or you know, from those "not aiming at you" torps). It's true we now do not have to worry about such friendly fire damages and just concentrate at killing only opposing team. But still, imo, it somewhat just feel unrealistic. What you guys think?
  13. fishbed70

    My Pom Pom record

    The last ship I sunk is the Iowa, which may not be aware that Pommern has 6km torps. I was sunk first, and my torps hit the Iowa and she sunk. I was a bit surprised the Iowa decided to brawl against me, her HP was around 50%. Anyway, glad that secondaries are finally useful again.
  14. fishbed70

    My Pom Pom record

    Who said KM Pommern is useless in SEA server gameplay meta? 😁 Ok....not every game is like that. Today RNGeus is on my side, me getting my Pom Pom damage record of 140K. But on a recent unlucky match, 50% of of my Pom Pom hits ended in ricochets. Playing Pom Pom can still be fun sometimes.
  15. fishbed70

    French/Italian prems and where to start again

    Pommern definitely is fun. It's not popular in SEA due to very poor main guns sigma and dispersion. But if you know how to play her, especially mid-game challenging / defending caps with knife-fights, Pommern can frustrate the enemy a lot.