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  1. fishbed70

    Weekend high chance of bad BB plays?

    Wow, that's a lot of BBs on queue.
  2. fishbed70

    Weekend high chance of bad BB plays?

    Really admire more experienced players like you guys, who are so all-rounded good with almost all the ships stats, especially like armour weakness points, where to aim at to maximise damage, etc. For me, maybe because I only play IJN ships so far, thus only much more familiar with these IJN T6 - T9 ships. The other line ships, I only try to remember simply which are more resistant to my HE shells causing fire, and those cruisers which have much more faster reloads than my IJN CA. I will try to avoid them. Yeah, this game is much much more harder than most new players or casual players think of.
  3. Seems to me that Fri / Sat / Sun is especially true that BB team-play standards are much lower? I am below average player, so not boasting I am good. Sometimes I also think perhaps my CA don't contribute enough inflicting damages on red ships, that's part of the reason the team lose. But in many cases, especially weekend, where there are many BB players, the overall performance seems really quite bad for BBs compared to week-days. Have a random game with no DDs on both sides just now, am playing on the flank with Ibuki. I have to act as a spotting DD, so slightly more on the front. But I find myself after shooting a round of salvo, 4 red ships immediate targets me. I turn around and run, hoping my team 3 BBs 3 to 5 km behind me will support me, but their support fire is really too little, whereas red team is more active firing. In this game, our team has 3 Georgias, but they simply not performing. Sometimes of course if I am lucky that MM put me on the "more skillful BB team" and we win, I don't complain. But just wonder does the MM for random games are real random or does it ever take team players WR into consideration for balancing team-play purposes?
  4. fishbed70

    How to improve IJN CAs DPM

    Thank you so much guys, for the many valuable tips and tactic suggestions for playing IJN CAs 😊 Will definitely apply and adapt onto my play-style, to improve on total damages.
  5. fishbed70

    How to improve IJN CAs DPM

    Thanks to all the good advice 😊 Yeah, sometimes I think I manoeuvr too much, wasting valuable time. Also, I am not too good at choosing targets, just attack any targets that are the nearest. Have many occasions attacking Soviet BBs or cruisers but found very little success for the effort put in. Also I think I need to refrain from firing long-range when playing my Ibuki (has long-range firing build with spotting plane), as shells are often too floaty, thus low accuracy. Best is still shooting when targets are within 15km. As for blapping DDs, it's true I find myself good at that. Often within 12 km, enemy DDs showing broadside will be at risk loosing 3K to 4K to my HE salvos. Unless that DD player are good at kiting away with excellent rudder shifting. Yeah, think I also need to try to remain calm and not kite away immediately after every salvos fired, and to choose non-Soviet ships, if possible.
  6. fishbed70

    How to improve IJN CAs DPM

    πŸ‘ Yeah, slow turret rotation also a problem with IJN CAs. Although compensated somewhat with good turning radius.
  7. Currently still grinding for IJN Zao, still short of 6 million credits. So far only playing IJN ships, pratically mostly the Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki. Sometimes will play Nagato and Amagi. These few days I have a bad streak of losses playing the Ibuki, pulling down the WR to 44%. Otherwise, I am quite average playing the Myoko, Mogami, and Ibuki, which I enjoy playing them very much. However, besides my very average skills, what I feel is that from the random battles experience I have, my ususal total damages inflicted by my IJN CAs are not too satisfying. Occassionally yes, I may have games where I inflict 60K to 90K damages (includes fire damages) on enemy ships, but generally in every game the damages I inflicted are a mere 20K to 40K averagely, including fire damages (mostly 95% of time I use HE ammo). Starting fire is strength of IJN CAs, but sometimes certain enemy ships are very resistant to it. Especially Russian ships seems to be quite "immune" to my HE damages and starting a fire. Overall of course, I understand due to the 13.7s to 15s reload speed of my T7-T9 CAs, DPM is relatively on the low side compared to cruisers from other lines. I wanted to inflict more damages, but usually after firing my 1st salvo, I have to immediately try to turn away and goes dark, else enemy ships will target and shoot me. IJN CAs armour is relatively weak and I don't want to risk too much. As a consequence of constant manuvoeuring, DPM is low. I don't like camping behind islands (not my play-style), although I found sometimes doing that with my Ibuki I can "farm" more damages on enemy BBs which are static or moving slowly. I also find enemy BBs like to target my IJN CAs more than other teammates ships which are in fact closer to the enemy. Perhaps IJN CAs are more easy to "finish off" due to weaker armour, so everyone will target IJN CAs first. Are there any ways I can improve my DPM playing with IJN CAs?
  8. 1) I played some 1,200+ random games so far. Yes, enemy CVs mostly killed in later phase of games, sometimes not killed at all as the winning team completes the objectives. But still, my experience is that CV not always the last remaining ship. They can be killed before other ships due to wrongful positioning. 2) Yes, this is just a game. But how come I find it totally fun playing in a game that consists one CV? Perhaps 2 CVs in one game is too much, but 1 CV is totally fine at all. 3) I played mostly IJN CAs like T7Myoko, T8Mogami, T9Ibuki. I can say enemy CV planes inflicting damages are acceptable. I have a couple of times deleted by enemy BBs one or two salvos, does that mean it's unfair? So must I yell ban BBs? The answer is no, of course. I just adapt to the game with proper tactics, to mitigate damages. I don't blame BB. 4) According to my stats, I survived 50.6% of the games I played. The other 49.4% that I died, maybe 10% are games without CV at all. Remaining 39.4% that I died, perhaps over 30% are due to enemy ships other than a CV. (Although I don't have exact accurate stats, but I believe it's somewhere like that.) So you see, CV don't always kill me. They are not as potent killers as assumed.
  9. Complaining why CVs are far behind inflicting damages with planes, regenerating planes with time, and cannot be shot at like normal ships, (unless you get into range) that's unfair....blah....blah....blah... is the same as saying: why long-range arty/MRLs are far behind inflicting damages with shells/rockets, reloading shells/rockets with time, and cannot be shot at like normal frontline tanks (unless you get into range), that's unfair.....blah...blah...blah. Because CVs are by design to perform differently tactically. They are long-range weapons classes, no such thing as unfair. Unless played by super unicums, in fact in most random games, CVs normally only sink 0 to 2 ships averagely. And CV will die or suffer heavy damage, nearly 100% guaranteed, if enemy surface ships spotted the CV and gets in range shooting it. CV has to take it as it is, as it's the nature of the ship class by design.
  10. (Protest..protest) That's not true, at least me not complaining, me so far plays only IJN ships 😁 C'mon CV planes, come attack me, I am gonna shoot you all down.... (adrenaline rising) "tirk..tirk..tirk...tirk...tirk.."πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯😝 It's just boring without a CV enemy in game (but 2 CVs may be too much though 😁 ) I suggest OP goes play CV and have a hands-on experience of this so-called "easy-killing" ship class.
  11. fishbed70

    Fair game

    Oh, what I mean is ships being spotted by enemy planes, thus becoming visible targets by enemy ships. Not a great problem though, more like feeling it's a constant nuisance if enemy CV planes kept flying towards my ship's direction. But of course, CV has to pay a price too, risks being shot down. I only played a couple of CV games, infact only 6 random games in a German T6 CV. In one of a random game, I totally failed to shoot at enemy ships, as my planes are shot down very fast, however I manovuere them. I managed only total 6K damages to enemy ships thruout that game. Of course I am very inexperienced with playing CV, and in that game I actually felt very bad letting the whole team down. Then I was also harassed after game via chat messages by a team-mate as he blames me for the loss of the game, and he grumbled too many CVs players in Asia Server.
  12. fishbed70

    Fair game

    I have roughly the same 1,000+ games as you. Yeah, I agree with you on the above opinion. I am playing IJN CAs mostly (squishy armour, so-so AA), and have been improving my play with higher WR recently. CVs are not as overly OP as claimed by many, in fact my experience is that my IJN CAs can easily dodge plane attacks, or group with other ships to minimize damage. Although sometimes CV can inflict up to 50% damage to my CAs HP if I show broadside. But sometimes it's due to choice,, as I have to decide whether to show broadside to the attacking planes or broadside to fleet of enemy T9 or T10 BBs. So in this situation, it's better to show broadside to planes, as BBs can one salvo delete a full HP IJN CA. Though CV planes detection may be a constant issue.
  13. Thanks for the advice and will take note of that. It was careless and unintentional on my side to have forgotten to edit out the heading row of the last 3 chat-boxes pics I posted orginally, which contain the player's info. Anyway, I have decided to let the matter rest, so will not submit a ticket. Let's enjoy the game, and yes, to learn from mistakes and try to improve our play tactics with the ships 😊 Looking back at that particular game, I think I know where my mistake was. My CV planes kept attacking higher tier ships and the area had at least 3 to 4 red ships near to each other, thus my planes all destroyed very fast without hitting anything or very low pts hits. I was also too anxious and flew low-strength squadron to attack again, and thus made matters even worse, my planes were all shot down while maneuvering in for the attack run direction.
  14. Actually I have been playing quite a dozen CV games at Coop and Operations, kind of testing water first before I jump into playing randoms. I am not anti-CV, in fact I found it very fun having to play in my IJN CAs against on-slaught of enemy planes. I take that as a challenge to up my skills in my CAs dodging planes. It's also enjoying to see my CA "tirk-tirk-tirk-tirk" firing at incoming planes That's the reason until recently I decide to try out playing CV. I know I have very little experience, and must start from zero somewhere, in random battles. I really feel bad in that game, seeing myself not hitting the enemy ships, I felt letting down my team-members. But I never expect a team-mate to confront me like that. A bit demoralizing to be frank, after this saga. πŸ˜”
  15. Thanks Ho. I can also understand somewhat his feelings. I feel bad too that I have played so poorly in that particular game. Will learn the lesson here, and not respond to such messages again. Should I call forum admin to close this thread? Thanks for advice.