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  1. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    Do all Japanese Cruisers and destroyers Suck?

    Idk about IJN DDs but low tier IJN cruisers (all I’ve played) are good. Their torps are really nice and their guns aren’t bad either, the trouble is at those tiers their armor scheme is DD levels of bad.
  2. That would be nice. People would probably ask WG to add it to a bunch of low-tier cruisers and battleships that had fixed tubes historically, although these would not have had torpedo turning irl.
  3. Eh, I doubt it. Has WG said anything about how torpedo turning is actually going to work? My assumption is that you will be able to fire the torpedo but set it to turn once in a certain direction before it gets to a certain distance. It might work to shoot around islands but it probably wouldn’t be as bad as homing torpedoes.
  4. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    One of the Slava class just sunk

    No it can’t have sank because of fire, Neptune doesn’t have HE
  5. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    One of the Slava class just sunk

    Yeah Moskva sank from stacked fires and flooding after assault by HE spam and torps When Russia realises ‘oh maybe attaching 20 Bazalt missiles to the outside of the superstructure isn’t such a good idea’
  6. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    ​📰 Closed Test Results, Support Aircraft Carriers

    I think they need air-dropped mines, the ability to drop spotting aircraft over a certain area so any ships in that area get the consumable bonus, and maybe a similar thing with sonobuoys (which give hydro bonuses to anything close to them or something?) also, support carriers, hmm, who wants escort DDs next?
  7. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    Go home, MM! You're drunk.

    Yes, all true. Also BBs most CV proof *Musashi laughs ironically*
  8. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    Brazilian tech tree coming up?

    If WG does not announce a Commonwealth tech tree by the end of the year I bet a lot of people are going to be very unhappy.
  9. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    Brazilian tech tree coming up?

    My bet is that the ‘something Japanese’ is either a battle cruiser BB split or a CL line if it happens
  10. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    When You're Busted By WG...

    🤣 LMAO
  11. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    Go home, MM! You're drunk.

    Probably because they are the most CV proof.
  12. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    New ships armor layout

    Don’t encourage them. Although guided missiles would be interesting.
  13. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    New ships armor layout

    Agreed, 1955 seems more accurate. Especially seeing as she’s based on Minotaur and Minotaur is based off of a 1947-48 design.
  14. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    this is illegal..........

    You see mostly players on the player side in coop reasonably often but in randoms, see my above post…
  15. THE_BiRds_stRIke_BaCk_42

    this is illegal..........

    They do have T1 randoms but 99% of the time you are the only non-bot in the match