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  1. SkillzV2

    NEW IDEA: Credits & Resource Trading

    I see you point @Taipan17 but like you said, if there was a limit to how much you can give away (eg. 2000000 credits a month), it would be a spledid way of helping captains in the server wouldn't it? 😁
  2. SkillzV2

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    Hi!😋, This is my first time ever participating in this kind of contest. I really hope I Win! (Quick qn: how do we know if we won?)
  3. Dear WOWS devs, I hope all of you are doing well during these tough times! WOWS has been keeping me entertained everyday! As such, I have realised that quite a few players suffer from credits shortage from t3 to t5, and maybe in other occasions. Thus, I would like to propose a new trading platform be made where players can trade with other players in credits or resources (no real money obviously). Friends/Clanmates especially should have the ability to exchange/give resources to aid their fellow captains. So I'm suggesting this to be implemented so that friends can give resources easily in times of crisis. (For security reasons, any trade/giving must be confirmed with login password to confirm its you). If you do read this message, please tell me if this is a good idea and if it's possible to implement it. Even if it's not, please tell me why. I've been playing WOWS for 3 years and would like to get more involved! Please make this a reality. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 3 YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT!!! I LOVE UR WORK AND EFFORT!! -SkillzV2