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  1. PapaMeep

    Scenarios BXP issue? Stealth Nerf BXP?

    In the name of Master S4pp3r I support this.
  2. PapaMeep

    Where is my KONG ????

    Got this via gatcha ... But where is it in the battle ????????? As per now feel cheated !!!!
  3. What are you complaining here ? Smolensk was pulled out months ago. If you get Thunderer for a few weeks and then moans due to this nerf means you got that recently, Smolensk was not available anyway. So if you have the coal 240Kish coal during these few weeks even with it's nerf Thunderer will still be the ship to get in my opinion.
  4. How's this guy compared to Benham ??
  5. PapaMeep

    Which ship shall Luigi command?

    Have a 21 Luigi, and been having a blast with the Italian bb... Luigi goes to Colombo
  6. PapaMeep

    WG pls Care for the old players.

    Dang By looking at your font, I think you're making fun of my eyesight ... Old player indeed ...
  7. PapaMeep

    New Underwater environments !

    I want to look at those drowning civilians I murdered in Narai... Would be nice to see sharks munching on them
  8. Done it in 1st attempt... Then all got cocky and we derped the next attempts... Great vid @s4pp3r !!!!
  9. PapaMeep


    This DD is quite capable in my opinion In the Narai run, this bote shown that it is very capable in citadeling and killing light cruisers. I can envisage the scenario where this guy would lay low and then ambush poor broadsiding cruisers. Or when this guy is uptier just sail near a cruiser, smoke up and fire away. Well haven't got the incentive to bring it to a T7 rando yet (with other good bote ... why ???). But looking at the guns only, I would say a Mahan, Skane or Jervis will eat this DD in a duel. Oh ya, Full Torp salvo from this guy is not enought to take down a Colo - Thus the Narai defeat
  10. Wide turning radius will allow you to use your radar more effectively
  11. PapaMeep

    What I see when the new AA is firing

    What I miss from the AA is the sound, now sounds so puny.
  12. I have 2 account, 1 free account, and one mother of whaling account that when I see how many premium days I had I almost peed myself. Happy to report that I am as potato in both of the account. Maybe in one account I can be categorized as a PREMIUM POTATO. If I know somebody that should be getting a favor from WG that would be me on just how much I spent .... the potatoness remain though....
  13. PapaMeep

    Current Brawl season: 1 vs 1

    I agree, with the roughly equal player skill, it is very difficult for CV to win in 1v1. Not to mention most of the CV games in this brawl season, the CV tactics are really baffling. Almost 80% of them is trying to CAP. It gives me a chance to do A HUNDRED plane kills though :). To be fair, I complimented this guy because he played correctly. I end up have to chase him all over the map.