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  1. PapaMeep

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    They say it's being Investigated ... of course it's been 10 days
  2. PapaMeep

    cruiser are pretty useless now

    I bet these 2 BBs hated my useless cruiser Immensely 🙂
  3. 1. On restricting Top Tier What about the potatoes that bought a Georgia and Friesland and Massa within a week of joining WoWs ?? WG would love these kind of people? Why would they purchase these ships with a disclaimer that says "until you improve your game your shiny new Georgia will not face a battle with a Colorado". They did that with an illusion that they will do better on those ships, break that illusion, they wont by the ship. Im speaking from heart here because Im one of those people. Surely WG looooves me. 2. Okay than everybody run back, wait 5 minutes and then start playing ...??? If im a bot programmer, I'll just change my bot behavior to wait 5 min. 3. My experience things are usually quite balanced if you don't join the games at odd hours. I think WG sometimes took it to the extreme then you will see 5 thunderers + 3 hindenburg vs 4 thunderers + 2 hindenburg. Other experience I have is we had 5 Repub in one game. They took the easy way out to make it balance, just club same ships in the same game. If you join the game in the odd hours though, then you'll see pretty unbalanced team. Hell in low tier I have seen games when the ship type distribution is off. At the end of the day Random is Random, introducing too much caveat into the word Random will have a different effect. If I am WG I would rather be accused of "Stupid Dumb Matchmaking" rather than a "Rigged matchmaking" or a "Russian bias matchmaking"
  4. PapaMeep

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    Chat interface battle is disabled with no way of enabling it. It affect the general chat and the division interface also. Have seen at least 3-4 people with the same issues
  5. PapaMeep

    0.10.0 bug report

    When I switched to another window and back the chat server will be not available. Prior to 0.10 this was a temporary issue but after 0.10 the chat server continue to be unavailable until I restarted.
  6. PapaMeep

    Guess they run out of ships to give me ....

    Yep been a while since I run out of t9 to buy. That explains the JB, Kron and Musashi that I got this santa season
  7. PapaMeep

    Caught a Whale!

    Well im a collector of ships. At present I got 142 ships. There's quite some t5-8 i didn't own though. Crate bought is 20 Mega craate.
  8. PapaMeep

    Caught a Whale!

    Hello Sir nice to meet you
  9. PapaMeep

    PSA - re buying the Black Massachusetts

    IMO the word original should appear here. Then it's very clear Again no foul by WG here. Just leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.
  10. PapaMeep

    PSA - re buying the Black Massachusetts

    Was thinking experiencing the same thing when I bought the JB Black. I was thinking wow free coals also ... Alas it was not to be. Well the word read the fine print applies but in real life those people who didn't read the fine print will still feel cheated.
  11. PapaMeep

    FYI 10x 2020 Black Friday Containers

    Don't like to gamble, just buy all of them. And buy 1 2018 ones and get an Asashio. Guess thats it for this week for me. No eating out and drinking out.
  12. PapaMeep

    USS Florida a decent TVII

    Well in T7 cannot bring myself to have fun with Colorado or Gneisnau. I played florida like i played North Carolina which I enjoyed immensely. By the way forgot to mention this, but the 4 4 4 gun barrel arrangement look weird.
  13. This badly named ship is actually quite fun if you're mid tier or up tier. Very effective in catching an unsuspecting cruiser. Yes it's slow, guns at 356 and the reload are horrendous. but each of those shot is oh so satisfying (provided you aimed correctly). It's a fun ship for me.
  14. Cannot really justify the purchase except Childhood Indulgence ... But seriously who can say no to Autobots rite??? Autobots !! Roll Out !!!