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  1. PapaMeep

    To whale or not to whale? That is the question.

    Or people will spend the money to complete their collection. Rational explanation for what seems to be irrational behavior.
  2. PapaMeep

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    8 Mega from new year certificate
  3. PapaMeep

    It's whaling season

    Confession of a whaler: Why whale when ..... (Q).. That Marlborough seems not a good ship ... (A) In my youth I collected Tomica toycars and played with them. I saved my allowance, not buying treats at the school and after 2 weeks I can get a shiny new toycar. I didn't just collect them and show them off, I played with them. I guess same principle here even after XX number of years I still collect things and play with them. (Q) .. it's seems not worth the money ... (A) Question of worth is highly subjective. But for me at least is a function of satisfaction/cost incurred. As I approach this game as a collector truly my satisfaction differs than some other guys that want to be unicums. (Q) .. You can grind without spending the money ... (A) In contrary, in my reality if I spend my time only grinding this, then I will end up spending more. Because It will eat up productive times that is funding this hobby of mine. Look at it this way, some guys grind the time in games and obtain the ship. In my reality, I grind the money in work outside then obtain the ship in game. Same principle. (Q) .. Its expensive isn't it ... (A) yes compared A LOT of other games the money spent here is expensive. But hey, I DONT play the other games, so that is moot point. For me the return of this game is far greater than what I put into it. (Q) .. its seem irresponsible to throw that kind of money ... (A) To judge this you need to look at your ratios. If the ratios are working, why not. If the ratios is out of line, then you're irresponsible. There you have it, if you want to ask any other questions feel free to ask...
  4. My Free crates, Guess no whaling for me this year.
  5. PapaMeep

    Black Friday Container drops

    What's described here are facts from my context yes. It's nevertheless true though. And except some key things, most of your assumption about me is correct also 😄
  6. PapaMeep

    Black Friday Container drops

    In my scenario here, each of the ships give me back 2500 K dubs. So I spent 25K dubs to get 25 container, I got back 2.5K x 7 : 17.5 K + 8.75 K. So I netted positive in dubs alone + other stuff. Well the money is spent nevertheless but the dubs is not spent
  7. PapaMeep

    Black Friday Container drops

    WG's way to me to say STOP WHALING !
  8. PapaMeep

    Scenarios BXP issue? Stealth Nerf BXP?

    In the name of Master S4pp3r I support this.
  9. PapaMeep

    Where is my KONG ????

    Got this via gatcha ... But where is it in the battle ????????? As per now feel cheated !!!!
  10. What are you complaining here ? Smolensk was pulled out months ago. If you get Thunderer for a few weeks and then moans due to this nerf means you got that recently, Smolensk was not available anyway. So if you have the coal 240Kish coal during these few weeks even with it's nerf Thunderer will still be the ship to get in my opinion.
  11. How's this guy compared to Benham ??
  12. PapaMeep

    Which ship shall Luigi command?

    Have a 21 Luigi, and been having a blast with the Italian bb... Luigi goes to Colombo
  13. PapaMeep

    WG pls Care for the old players.

    Dang By looking at your font, I think you're making fun of my eyesight ... Old player indeed ...
  14. PapaMeep

    New Underwater environments !

    I want to look at those drowning civilians I murdered in Narai... Would be nice to see sharks munching on them
  15. Done it in 1st attempt... Then all got cocky and we derped the next attempts... Great vid @s4pp3r !!!!