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  1. andrianpt

    Childhood Indulgence ...

    Cannot really justify the purchase except Childhood Indulgence ... But seriously who can say no to Autobots rite??? Autobots !! Roll Out !!!
  2. andrianpt

    Told you I buy boats for Operations...

    @max_battle how do you get Narai operation today tho? Division ?
  3. andrianpt

    Told you I buy boats for Operations...

    For Narai, I ground up Helena and Fiji, shit loads of fun!
  4. andrianpt

    Your Azuma Story ...

    Bought an Azuma as I cannot stand that the cute Azuma I got from AL collection (hey those lolis are cute) didn't have a ship to captain. And yes most of the times the Azumas are squishy and get blapped left and right quite easily. But at least sometime, Azumas will give you a smile, even in defeat, when you prove you can get a DS in an Azuma.... The only kill your potato infested team got in an embarassing blowout. Share your Azuma moments here ...