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  1. Obviously you are unable to acquire enough tokens even if you're happy to waste your money on these thieving Gypsies, how are you expected to get the number of tokens necessary to complete the T9 bundles???
  2. TigerAwe

    Progression Stats Tracking Website

    I use Asia.wows-numbers.com to track my personal performance. I find it very motivating and it helps set goals for my improvement as a player. Recently I noticed the games played isn’t updating. Is anybody else experiencing this? Is there a problem, or a better tracking tool. I really enjoy scoring a Personal Best in any game and it’s the best way to find out. I’d be grateful for any helpful comments.
  3. TigerAwe

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Yeah…right… They lie about everything. They even lie about what they’ve said in writing. They refused to refund my Distant Voyage containers unless they reset my account to before the event, thereby sacrificing over two weeks of play and resource earnings without any compensation. Thieves and bullies.
  4. It’s disturbing to note that having made a claim, they argued that it was after the 17th August. They then stated that to refund the deceptive DV containers it was only possible if my account was “restored” to the 5th August thereby losing all missions, resources, and purchases I’d made in the two weeks since! Imagine a grocery store doing a recall, you take back the faulty product and they say in order to compensate you we need you to return all groceries purchased since and we’ll happily take them back but you’ll receive no compensation. It’s like being punished for their mistake! ”Please understand our limitations”
  5. How hard could it be to show all ships in the tech tree?

    I considered that MOD should've been a standard inclusion by WoWS.

    Why are they so opposed to pleasing their patrons and customers???

    So many people liked and utilized all ships in the TECH tree. If I ran my business like the WG crew I'd have no clients!!!

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