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  1. OMNIA69

    Interesting stuff on NA forums

    I hear new Map, presenting you Red Sea OceanTM.
  2. Funny when Azur Lane colab with WOWS but wows have not reciprocrate. You know that feeling when shaking people hand but they walk pass and ignore you. Where are the weeb waifus WG??
  3. OMNIA69

    People you've encountered in-game

    Saw @icy_phoenixin game testing ship. ^_^
  4. OMNIA69

    [Leaked] P2L Missouri Box

    Sometimes I wonder whom are the target market of the company. Purely someone who likes gacha and rich? Why not just target rational working adult and gives an option to buy without gacha component? I don't have the time to roll 75 times of something if I want the ship lol Anyway, just play iowa and maybe mod a missouri skin on it. Saved a month paycheck!
  5. OMNIA69


    I wish the company would sell separate commanders. Could have milked so many F2P players into buying small purchases, turning into a cash cow strategy, but no, the analysts and decision-makers think otherwise.
  6. I think due to the summer event, the any amount of dubs are temporarily disabled. I personally will wait for the event to end and then only buy some dubs. I'm not supporting lootbox and the summer event.
  7. OMNIA69

    Azur Lane Collab?

    A roadmap of the future event will be appreciated. At the moment, it seems the company is overwhelmed with events, premium ships, and loot boxes (and grammar mistakes).
  8. OMNIA69

    Recommend me a high-tier coal ship

    Does no one recommend Moskva? Wanting to buy but still waiting for the announcement on Incomparable or Tusla.
  9. OMNIA69

    MM is a joke.

    In randoms, do you sail from A flank to C flank usually? This is the best survivability for any type of ship in random. You will not Overextend and can Damage FarmTM. Sarcasm aside, have you learned How to Bait RadarTM and watch minimap for enemy cv airstrike before capping as DD?
  10. OMNIA69

    The fonts of Massachusetts' name on her stern

    It seems someone accidentally bolded the font. 😂
  11. OMNIA69

    The difference between BB and DD players.

    Early DD death is the player's problem, no? DD class enjoys good concealment and in return, able to outspot other classes that is cruisers and BBs. Hence they're at the front of their team and they play the objectives by capping. If a DD doesn't move forward to play the objective by capping, scouting and spotting, why bother play a DD? -.-
  12. OMNIA69

    The difference between BB and DD players.

    Recently, there are alot of new players rushing up tiers. Like legit new, < 800 matches, tier 8-10 and with around 43-45% WR. I'm just a decent WR potato that trying to learn the game, so my comments may not be true. Usually (me) at beginning of the match as BB, I will create crossfire with the friendly BB that spawn in my flank, however some of them follow closely to me (2-3km apart!). Another frustrating scenario: Sometimes when the enemy team has all 3 caps and their score are reaching 700-800, none of our team wants to contest the cap / push for map control. Even the BBs not inclined to push. Sometimes at beginning of the game, A flank ship sails to C flank.
  13. Why is it for Singapore but not Malaysia? Sad.