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  1. Sail, Thunderer is not made to push. its armour is way too weak and its citadel is high. if you nerf range, the thunderer has to get close and if you're a thunderer player you know 2-3 hits and you're out of the game. good rudder won't help you closer in. if you need to nerf thunderer, lower HE chance but restore the range for the reasons just discussed. the problem is the HE, everyone agrees - even thunderer owners. but the range nerf is uncalled for at Tier 10, on a 32mm ship.
  2. if someone wants to sell me an xbox for coal or biscuits - it's up to them. the value i have in coal/steel is worth something to barter (simple economics) so if i exchange my coal for something of agreed value - eg. thunderer at 23.3km or an xbox of 23.3ghz (example) then that is what's agreed. if the seller changed my xbox or thunderer to my detriment at a later date - that's wrong. i should be compensated for lost performance/value. and the bad part is, they did this AS SOON as it was pulled from the armory !!!! they didn't touch the ship for years and years then they announced it was getting pulled, heaps of ppl bought it, then it get nerfed. awful PR i wouldn't trust them to buy/swap coal/steel another ship at all - they'll do it again BECAUSE they will introduce OP ships to buy, lure the suckers in, then nerf them. you watch FDR getting nerfed when it gets pulled from armory (bookmark this post!) haha
  3. some of you guys are missing the point!! they're nerfing something you bought (eg. you bartered your coal/steel/dobloons for something else of value) - if i buy an xbox for 200,000 coal, after 1 month microsoft slowed down your xbox from 24.3ghz to 21.5ghz you would not be happy bcoz you would not have bought a slower xbox. it can obviously happen to your favourite ship!
  4. DUX_2020

    One game review of Marco Polo

    Marco Polo is not that good at all. not worth the money IMHO
  5. Well thunderer is getting nerfed again. it could shoot at 24.3km, then 23km, next it's 21.5km.... to everyone that saved coal to buy it and literally got it nerfed the month after getting pulled from the armory. i'm sorry for you, you wished to have the SHIP you BOUGHT, but you got duped by WG. it's ok, they did it and they'll do it again. so REMEMBER what they did next time you want to BUY a new ship! (coal, steel, dubloons) you might agree with the nerf or not, but the point remains next time it could be YOUR favourite ship getting nerfed!
  6. DUX_2020

    Dante Alighieri bit of a rant

    i had it from prime, i had to 'buy' it with tokens to progress. i do think i got credits back, i just saw it flash bottom right of screen.
  7. DUX_2020

    What do you think of deadeye?

    should be at 20km +50% dispersion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF WG come on! at 15km +25%, at 10km +0% dispersion this would be bring awesome brawling back! make everything fun again! now it's just so very tedious and boring
  8. DUX_2020

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    it must be greed otherwise why change it if it's not to their benefit? certainly not our benefit ! now the games are 20minutes of BORING. stay back with BB.. piw piw.. move 1/4 speed back.. piw piw.. move 1/4 speed forward...
  9. DUX_2020

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    just awful update. bring back old 19point skills - DONT REWORK - just add to 21 if you want - that's it.
  10. DUX_2020

    Well done WoWS, Well done...

    worst update ever. good riddance WOW, it's over! i'm doing the minumum and will never spend money on this again. i HATE how WG promotes boring gameplay (stay back and snipe piw piw) you get bonus (deadeye) if you stay far and play boring... bring in the BBs for brawls !!!! give buffs for coming close. that would be exciting gameplay. i'm bored out of my mind with this game.. it's the same as playing in the TRAINING ROOM
  11. DUX_2020

    The Extinction of T10 DDs

    DDs are just not fun, there's no point in playing them if you get killed in the first 5mins.. you get plane spotted from CV... put up smoke... radar ships switch on radar at 10km.. smoke useless.. airplane hit you, BBs hit you, CA hit you.. just pathetic and no fun. the deck is stacked against you as you don't have any counter anymore (smoke is useless with radar or ultrasound) have to get in close to shoot 10km torps? hahaha good luck
  12. DUX_2020

    Check your coupons in premium shop

    i checked the premium shop and i couldn't see it... but it's not unusual to not have stuff.. same as the reward codes, they just don't work (website) for asia.wargaming (australia).. also this week's didn't work.. it's like they always forget us??
  13. DUX_2020


    doesn't work Asia server (australia)
  14. DUX_2020

    Italian Battleship Branch has been revealed!

    T 10 forget smoke, give radar!
  15. DUX_2020

    Check your coupons in premium shop

    you mean coupons in armory? i don't have new coupons 😞