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  1. DUX_2020

    The Extinction of T10 DDs

    DDs are just not fun, there's no point in playing them if you get killed in the first 5mins.. you get plane spotted from CV... put up smoke... radar ships switch on radar at 10km.. smoke useless.. airplane hit you, BBs hit you, CA hit you.. just pathetic and no fun. the deck is stacked against you as you don't have any counter anymore (smoke is useless with radar or ultrasound) have to get in close to shoot 10km torps? hahaha good luck
  2. DUX_2020

    Check your coupons in premium shop

    i checked the premium shop and i couldn't see it... but it's not unusual to not have stuff.. same as the reward codes, they just don't work (website) for asia.wargaming (australia).. also this week's didn't work.. it's like they always forget us??
  3. DUX_2020


    doesn't work Asia server (australia)
  4. DUX_2020

    Italian Battleship Branch has been revealed!

    T 10 forget smoke, give radar!
  5. DUX_2020

    Check your coupons in premium shop

    you mean coupons in armory? i don't have new coupons 😞
  6. bloody hell get rid of CVs at least in ranked play, it's ruining the game. or give us unlimited smoke like CV has unlimited aircraft FFS for once how about wargaming plays as DD and test their matchmaking.. have fun in a DD vs CV, radar, ultrasound etc i'm sick of it, wargaming pls reply so that i know you will not fix it and i can move on to another game. i'm sick of it!
  7. DUX_2020

    co-op bots bug

    i just played another game with graf spee, i was near a friendly bismarck, 3 bots were firing at me even though bismarck was shooting and i wasn't. a few minutes later in a brawl, once again bismarck sailed untouched in the middle and i got set upon by the bots. must be an algorithm where bots go for easy targets first, that's what i'm thinking.
  8. DUX_2020

    co-op bots bug

    i've seen this a few times today, I'm sailing with Graf Spee doing the combat missions. bots are ignoring other players(not bots) in DDs even right in front of them/shooting at bots and always going for the Graf Spee. since i hadn't seen this bot behaviour in the past, i thought i'd report it. it might be something.
  9. DUX_2020

    how do you counter the CV crap

    how about increasing the AA damage from DDs enough so that most planes are destroyed? CVs would still be able to spot and you will still get shelled by all the ships within 10km but at least the CV player will think twice about coming over the DD again. also radar should not see for so long. if you're not within detection range, you should just flash on screen or map every few seconds waiting for the radar to bounce back. this would be fair and more accurate. if you're within detection range and in smoke, also you should just flash for a few seconds. just thinking how to make it a pleasurable game for DD players too. 🙂
  10. DUX_2020

    Asymmetric battles

    some Tier Vs had longer range firing than my Odin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had no idea T5 had such long hitting ships and got creamed.
  11. DUX_2020

    how do you counter the CV crap

    i don't think CVs are OP (i play mostly DD) but I do dislike the fact that they spot/pick on DDs at the start of every match. if you can survive the spotting (and all the enemy shooting at you for 30seconds) then it's ok - they have a role too. i just think they can really ruin a DD game within minutes. perhaps increase DD AA deterrence? or make DDs harder to spot by CVs... or fix the crazy radar that can bounce ship signals from behind mountains!! haha crazy
  12. DUX_2020

    DD happiness

    thats exactly right, i have to torp at <8km and >6km. thats heaps of miles difference when' i'm expecing to line up at 7km - and captain skill alerts them something is coming, hence radar hydro goes up. just saying..
  13. DUX_2020

    DD happiness

    it is low and i can tell that if i get past the first few mins, i go spot for my BBs, as i catch up to the enemy my team pummels them, i shoot off my torps, by this time they know someone has spotted them bcoz 1. my BBs are shooting at them 2. they have captain skill showing someone is near 3. someone on their side has radar/ultra/etc and spot me 4. CV spots me 5. difficult to catch them in yukikaze and to torpedo from 6km spotting range to 8km torp range - if they know i'm they just keep sailing away, there's no way for me to catch up, turn, fire torps and get a hit
  14. DUX_2020

    DD happiness

    well i wasn't naming and shaming, i just said check out his name bcoz i thought it was funny just illustrating my point about the frustration of playing DD yukukaze - it seems that others know what's it like for Yukikaze players. i do have smoke, i didn't use it this time. i do use it unless i'm radar'd/ultrasounded. obviously i didn't know the CV planes were coming to me, they did a 90degree turn and headed towards me just before i entered the cap zone.
  15. DUX_2020

    DD happiness

    Well this is what i'm talking about, just going to cap point A, CV planes come in, spot me, turns around, BBs Cruisers pummel me and aircraft finishes me off if the ships haven't already. check out his nickname!!! not edited!!! seriously if wargaming won't fix this, what should DD players do? Hide or just get hit within the first 3mins and then wait another 17mins to play their DD again? no fun.