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  1. NewExplorer11

    Returning player here

    Hi, Same here returning player, we newly setup in Asia server last year. Would u like to join us? War College 6/6, Dry Dock 5/6, Shipbuilding Yard 5/6, details below: [T-K-D]Bro_Champion Clan Facility Completion Benefit Description Dry Dock Expansions: 5/6 -12% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers Shipbuilding Yard Expansions: 5/6 -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers War College Expansions: 6/6 +5% to XP per battle on ships of all tiers Design Bureau Expansions: 4/6 +15% to Free XP per battle on ships of all tiers Academy Expansions: 4/5 +8% to Commander XP per battle Coal Port Expansions: 1/3 +5% to Coal you receive Steel Port Expansions: 0/3 (coming soon) +0% to Steel you receive Treasury Expansions: 1/5 Allocation of Clan resources and regular rewards Research Institute Oppsss…. not yet (coming soon) Increases the amount of Research Points earning
  2. NewExplorer11


    My pleasure to have this, thanks World of Warships