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  1. Com_Kodiak

    Winners – USNI Giveaway

    How do you redeem the codes? The website says it already expired on the 30th.
  2. Com_Kodiak


    How do you obtain the prize for the Marathon codes? I watched, but I don't see a way to redeem them. The sire says it's already expired and it's only the 30th.. What's with this. What am I missing?
  3. Com_Kodiak

    Missing Premium Time

    In the last week (before and after the update) I have seen my premium time disappear for no reason. I had 14 days and returned 2 days later expecting to find 12 days remaining only to find I only had 4 days. I returned the next day to find only 10 hours remaining. I then came back again to find only 4 hours remaining and played for 2 hours. Then, just before leaving for the day, I was awarded 2 more days of premium. I came back 16 hours later to find only 2 hours remaining. Is this deliberate or is there a bug stealing the premium time like a clock running at 3X speed? I am playing on the Asian Server. If this is happening to you also, we need to get action taken to fix this quickly. The game has already stolen more than 10 days premium time from me.