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  1. FDR suffered a 20 second delay before another turn in for attack their attack is limited, so the CV player need to re time his attack, re line up, re pick his target, its frustrated because of the delay use this gap to do something. Not arguing and not looking for trouble, just point out something about the FDG disadvantage
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    In Freedom Server...

    Here is fair, please let it go and move on. Max, Can you please stop provoke him, please please please, you just gonna make it worse . To you it fun, yes, it going on for a period of time now, but for me this time. Stop i just pick a quote, this doesnt mean anything last warning before i have to escalate to higher level.
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    In Freedom Server...

    hopefully WG still have their detection program running and open the next wave account bans It very simple, cheaters and exploiters to be punish
  4. ObiphanKenobi

    Hello there

    you are dealing with my weakest clone This is the way!
  5. ObiphanKenobi

    In Freedom Server...

    So guys, yeah .... i read the entire post 1 by 1 to get the story right in place for the guys above , if you know who i am reference to, not going to name names; you can do whatever, as long as not violate forum guideline. The minute you cross the line, you are in trouble. regards, just clarification, you directing this to moderator or to the posters?? Edit: The reason it get to page2 because that how long it took to make my coffee
  6. ObiphanKenobi

    Server Broken - Compensation Please

    Friendly reminder guys (); no racism, no vulgarly and no political incite unrest. Or risk it yourself ! regards,
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    Converting XP

    welcome to Australian Whale club!! We open to new member warm hearted
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    What unique attributes does Hizen bring?

    i test her during testing phase, her role is mid/long range support sniper closer the range her gun/aim is getting more trollish, so stay at 17km and snipe away. Dont camp, her vertical suffered from the nation crit, it wont get over the island. Keep on moving and stalk your target She can punch through front armor of cruiser at extreme close range (8-5km), if you get auto bounce, then aim at the front gun turret, nasty dam
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    164 Mega Santa Crates later

    dont buy them now, wait until the sale, in DEC/JAN with discount.
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    Decision to play no more Sunday night games

    just a question, why not migrate to NA server instead?
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    164 Mega Santa Crates later

    since you already whale and whaled BIG, why not go to the Prem Shop and whale the "A ship load credit" package Don't forget to save the dub for the dockyard Hizen
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    my computer died

    Beam me up, Scotty! glad your problem fixed
  13. ObiphanKenobi

    Neustrashimy or Marceau for coal ship

    I had enough coal to purchase the neu and the Flint, but decided to hold on until later ...... toward end of Dec maybe Honestly, if your acnt had over 300 hundred ships, over 90 prem ships, over 90 prem days ..... you are OP and overloaded I bet you not going to play all those shhhhiipps in 1 day. So it not going to hurt if extra prem ship now or later, while the time you wait and be patient to check and see that happening
  14. No, impossible at my personal opinion. Since 2016, those ships got into rare list for a reason. That how WG "whaling", and personally, how I see WG whaling in income, from me. They got this hang in front of me every Xmas, and I am happy to bite at every Xmas. I am happy and was lucky from last year where I got the Kami (this is done by carefully calculate and well research spending). From business point of view, I whole heartedly support this idea. From player point of view, my personal point of view, where I can afford to spend, happy with whatever return value, "It ok'ish"; That why this year I only spent on 20 Mega crates, stop for now and waiting for more data/info/ spanning out. I will do my own calculating and research and see or possibly, maybe at least maybe 20 Mega Crate more. But that it. WG done so many nerfing, I am certainly do not want nerf because it took a period of time to change the playstyle to fit into the new change they made. I don't like change especially when I had spent 3 months to adequately play with new style So, I phart in your general di - ret- TUM of "I DEMAND JUSTICE" Now get on a more serious matter, If you truly want WG listen, put your suggestion in to CS team, make sure you have data/info to back up. Take your every chances at any of the survey and give feedback. Madamosail should be another point of contact, if you really really really love this game and don't mind spending time, try to contact her with your feedback. If you felt it not enough, get to the NA forum, send Hapa_Fodder and Kalvothe your feedback; (Hapa is NA Community Manager, Kalvothe is the NA General Community Manager), send the feedback up the correct chain, correct format and let WG do their thing.