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  1. ObiphanKenobi

    code has to be redeemed now

    mission to get the crate, only active during WG stream/twitch 10 mins to go Code now invalid, stream/twitch finished
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    Q&A Anniversary stream

    Remembered: SAP - bb cant create fire, no more fire spamming (farming), some thin armor will unable to bow tank, acute angle for SAP pen added - smoke for more salts pls
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    Transformers - Trollbots in disguise

    Evil Decepticon, Megatron talking to you, you need to gift << share; Obi the crate bundle as well, remembered, it not fun to just gamble by yourself!!
  4. I better hide my stats from you So, let me get this, it just a rant? and rant over? can I closed this now?
  5. In case if you guys missed https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/happy-birthday-take-a-gift/
  6. ObiphanKenobi

    Pls help me choose a cruiser line

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/243-french-cruisers/ from t3 to t10
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    What if? (Hybrids Topic)

    wait till they are available in the separate test server version to play ....
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    Advice for Tier V-VI?

    You can search for more on the WorldofWarships NA forum
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    free prem time

    Australia got neglected go cry in the corner
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    imagine this fast forward when the Kitakami is OUT, and *you know who* got blap by wall of torps in his dd, I am preparing to monitor the forum for rant post????? Or when the Ros ve r ... oh wait, better not mention the name of the CV, rockets his little shima. How much rant post we going to get on the forum from *you know who*. Back to today, guys, please, honesty to the absolute; do not feed into the troll is how you dealt with trolls. Just let the post sink to the bottom of the page
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    looking for Kitakami advise hehehehehehe
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    Sen Help, How do I forum? lmao

    don't ask Obi going to the dark side, it very dangerous path! "This is the way"
  13. ObiphanKenobi

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    some does and some don't! Its all RNGodness
  14. ObiphanKenobi

    Which line to regrind?

    the cheapest line is the IJN gunbote dd = quickest you can smoke and you can gun smoke is now benefit with the new signal - even better play style remembered to re grind once every 3 months
  15. ObiphanKenobi

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    camo/signals/coal/freeXP and 1k doubloon for me!