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  1. mademoisail

    Fair winds, friends.

    And I will miss all of you as well ❤️ Thank you for including me in the salty sea banter that is the SEA-EN forums. -Mademoisail (mllejodiegrace)
  2. mademoisail

    Fair winds, friends.

    Hey, guys! I wanted to share this here, as well, since we spent so much time together while I was able. Tomorrow is my last day at Wargaming, and I wanted to thank you for being the first people in the World of Warships community I was able to work with. The SEA-EN forums and the people here will always be very special to me. Thank you for making my time at Wargaming awesome, and feel free to reach out! Don't be a stranger :) (Original Post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/244852-fair-winds-and-following-seas-friends/) Commanders! I would like to start by thanking all of you for allowing me to work with the World of Warships community. Although my time at Wargaming wasn't always easy, I have been challenged in ways that led to huge amounts of growth both personally and professionally. I am super appreciative of all I have learned and experienced while working with my team and this community, but my time has come to sail away. This Wednesday (9/22) will be my last day as NA Community Manager at Wargaming. I am nervous, excited, and scared to take the next step in my career with a new company. However, my fear and anxiety are mitigated knowing that Boggzy just joined our team. Be patient with him while he is learning the ropes, but I have no doubts he is going to develop into a phenomenal community manager. I want you to know that although I am transitioning out of my role working on World of Warships, you will 100% still see me on Twitter, Discord, and Twitch. Know that I am always wishing each and every one of you all the best, and I will continue to root for the World of Warships team and community! Fair winds, friends. Mademoisail
  3. I know you guys care a lot about scenarios and operations. I don't want to lead you on, but I do want you to know I will always be happy to share your thoughts with my team. Y'all are awesome, and we appreciate you. Sail
  4. mademoisail

    Off topic, but...

    Yes, I moderated my own post and moved it to off topic LOL.
  5. mademoisail

    Off topic, but...

    I was thinking about my Australia/New Zealand homies while I was playing around with tattoos. Of course, I am too scared of needles to get a real tattoo, but I am happy this little friend will be hanging around for a few days. Fair winds and following seas, friends. Sail
  6. mademoisail

    "Free" Colorado and Research Bureau Implications

    Hey guys! Interesting idea to reset both of the USNBB lines. I am going to share your feedback with the team and let them know what you think! Sail ❤️
  7. mademoisail

    Brazilian on a cute Dutch girl <<PICS!>>

    Ok, since I got baited by this post, I will allow it to stay on the forums. Well done, @Max_Battle.
  8. mademoisail

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    I am really enjoying Grand Battles, but I understand the frustration at people playing a little back right now. I feel like some of that is a growing pain of people not knowing how to play with and against super battleships.
  9. mademoisail

    New CV mechanics

    I appreciate y'all's feedback (even if you can be a little rude sometimes 😒). I know this thread is pretty negative towards the changes, but I have received positive feedback on the topic, as well. That being said, I am still super interested in your opinions. What do you think this change will do to CV play, and how do you think will this impact the meta? Sail
  10. mademoisail

    DIE WAFFEN, LEGT AN! (Soviet Carriers Has arrived)

    Thank you guys for your feedback on these ships! I saw some of you mention the planes are slow and have low HP pools. What changes would you like to see happen before these ships are released? What changes would make you more interested in playing them? Appreciate y'all! Sail
  11. mademoisail


    I want y'all to know I totally see your points about skill-based matchmaking in ranked. We have made changes to every new season of ranked, and we will keep improving the game mode for our players. Just wanted you to know I get your perspective, and I will be happy to let my team know your thoughts. Sail
  12. mademoisail

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS (American Hybrids)

    Hey, y'all! I lost it when I saw the carrot nickname XD. What changes would you like to see in these ships before they are released? Or what changes do you anticipate coming before they go live? I also saw the feedback on how these ships will be available, and I will 100% share your thoughts with my team. Sail
  13. mademoisail

    What was your bid for Coals?

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Just out of curiosity, what ships would you like to see up for auction in the future?
  14. mademoisail

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    I actually really love this ship, but it took a while to figure out the planes. They are super great for spotting AND ZONING enemies. You can quickly use them to force an enemy to go broadside to your main turret then BLAPBLAP. Ise's main turret is actually really good, and you 100% should be using that as your main source of damage. I typically like support roles, so this ship is a lot of fun for me to play. Are you seeing a lot of Ise's in battle? 😄
  15. mademoisail

    Your Opinion: A response to Max_Battle’s threads

    Sometimes I can't tell if you guys are griefing one another or just being friendly. I will say, CRISPY is the only correct answer for the bacon question. Y'all are wild.