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  1. mademoisail

    Warships on Air Special!

    There aren't any Team Ocean Map people in here, right? <.< 😂 Thank you guys for another great discussion. I will make sure the team hears your feedback.
  2. mademoisail

    PT 0.9.6, balans "mostly nerfs" changes

    Hey, everybody!! 🙂 I wanted to thank you guys for this discussion. We are monitoring the data on the Venezia, but it's really good to read everyone's thoughts and opinions on how the ship is performing. We hear (and appreciate) the feedback!
  3. mademoisail

    BB : "Sink me please !?"

    Probably laughed way too hard at this. I just like playing BBs ok!? I promise 🙂
  4. mademoisail

    Question about the Nordic camo for Agir

    Hey, @ICEMAN2337! When you have the Agir, the camo will be available to purchase from the ship exterior section 🙂 Also, just as a reminder, the Agir is available for FXP. You don't necessarily have to spend money to get her. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi @ICC_AF4590!! Thank you for asking your question. The ST NDA states that you can not stream or upload videos of ST ships. Hope this helps 🙂
  6. mademoisail

    ST 0.9.6: Slava, Ludendorff, Paolo Emilio, KM CV

    Hey, guys! I wanted to let you know that I have read everything you guys talked about here, and I have noted your feedback. 🙂 We hear y'all! One thought on the UU changes, they are supposed to enable players to change the build of a ship or how you play a certain ship. They are not meant to be buffs, and that is why we are looking at how to balance and change how they are used. These are meant to be unique modifications that make the ship play differently.
  7. mademoisail

    ST 0.9.5 Odin "Balans" Changes

    Hey, guys! I wanted to let you know that I took a read through all y'all's (like that? 🤠) comments and understand your points. We are collecting feedback, so I appreciate the civil conversation around this. o7
  8. mademoisail

    WoWs NA Community Team now also on SEA server

    I forget if I wrote this in my intro, but I love meeting new people. Always feel free to @ me 🙂 THANK YOU FOR THE WELCOME 😄
  9. mademoisail

    Reason to play submarine battles

    Just remember that everyone is still learning the mechanics and counterplay (myself included). I appreciate the good feedback so far, though!
  10. mademoisail

    WoWs NA Community Team now also on SEA server

    Hey @S0und_Theif! We are here to support anyone who speaks English. Our focus, however, will be on the ANZ community since English is typically their primary language. If you ever have any questions, comments, or thoughts please feel free to tag any one of us. We will be happy to answer! 🎉
  11. Hello, everybody! The NA Community Team for World of Warships has some exciting news for our players in Australia and New Zealand. From now on you’ll see us on the SEA forums as well as the NA forums, and you will be able to use us as a point of contact! The faces you will see around include @mademoisail, @Hapa_Fodder, @Maredraco, and @NAKalvothe. We are all excited to be a part of your space on the WoWS forums, so please feel free to say hello whenever you see us here or on discord. We look forward to getting to know everyone! Here is a brief introduction from each of the team members: Mademoisail I’m mademoisail, and I am a Community Manager on the World of Warships team! I am incredibly stoked to get involved in the community and to meet all of you. I started working in the video game industry back in 2016, but my education and early work experience incorporated public relations, intercultural communication, and performing arts. 😊 I sang opera and classical music with Grammy-award winning conductors, Metropolitan Opera singers, and with ensembles that traveled internationally to perform. France was the first country I ever visited outside the USA, which is what influenced my name “mademoisail” (mademoiselle + sail). I have been a sailor for as long as I have been a gamer thanks to my wonderful family. My first job in gaming was with Team Dignitas while I was in graduate school. Since then, I have worked for Ubisoft, Fandom, and the Elsewhere App in community development and social media. I am here because I love games, so I am truly excited and grateful for the chance to work with the World of Warship’s community! Feel free to give me a shout when you see me in the forums, discord, or playing the game. À bientôt! See you soon! Hapa_Fodder Chief Fire Controlman United States Navy Retired Arriving, I just wanted to pop in here and say Aloha to everyone! I’m Hapa_Fodder or Hapa for short. I joined the amazing team at Wargaming as a Community Manager last December and I sincerely look forward to engaging with you and hopefully meeting you in person someday or here on these forums! I retired from the US Navy in 2018 with over 20 years of service. Been all over the world, including a lot of ports all around the Pacific. I have been playing World of Warships since Alpha testing and continue to love the game (no I am not saying that just because I am WG). Fair Winds and Following Seas! Maredraco I would like to take this time to introduce myself, my name is Maredraco. I am the Brazil Community Manager for World of Warships. I have been in the gaming industry for over 10 years and have done side projects on most social media sites. At my previous companies, I was known as GMRomeu and Mythasinn, so some of you may have met me before. If this is our first-time meeting, then it is a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to seeing and hearing from this passionate community. I was born in Goiania, Goias, Brazil. I have lived in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), California (USA), and Texas (USA) where I currently live. I grew up playing the Fallout series, hardcore mode on Diablo 2, and way more hours than I like to admit on Ragnarok Online. I also played many games on consoles like 007, most Mario games, Star Fox, and Rush. I will play anything you put in front of me on any platform—even IRL. When I am not playing games or working I like to play sports, board games, camp, look at art (especially fan art and covers of songs, just anything that shows that person`s take on something), and watch shows/movies. I can`t wait to talk to you all and hopefully I get to meet some talented people in the community. Kalvothe My name is Kalvothe, and I am Senior Community Manager on the World of Warships team at Wargaming. I’ve been involved in the game industry for many years, in a variety of roles – most recently, I was an Unreal Engine Community Manager at Epic Games. I got my start in building gaming communities around 1997 with Ultima Online, running the gauntlet through the MMO and MOBA spaces. I also worked on RiME, Grey Goo, and Dreadnought. In my former years, I was also in the US Navy and served aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), and VAW-120, an E-2 Hawkeye and the C-2 Greyhound training(rag) squadron, as an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman or parachute rigger for short. Despite the title we hardly ever packed parachutes, I spent my time working with oxygen equipment from regulators to liquid oxygen containers or verifying that equipment was safe for flight. I am excited to be a part of this community, and the community team here at Wargaming. I look forward to meeting and playing with all of you. I hang out in a variety of Discords, and Twitch streams, so you may see me pop in from time to time! Or if you want to jump into a few matches with me, let me know! I started a new account to have a fresh start, so I look forward to getting into some battles! If you have any questions about me, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Fair Winds and Following Seas.