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  1. mademoisail

    Hardest Big Hunt This Week

    I literally can not make it out alive anymore lol. I think I need to be playing the "portal escape" game instead of the "KILL THE AURORA" game. My slow Avenger can't make it to the end game anymore T_T (no pun intended).
  2. mademoisail


    Goodnight? Or good morning? I was really happy to work with CCs on this announcement. Any preliminary thoughts on the new tech tree? πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  3. mademoisail

    πŸ“° ST, Axis vs Allies

    I appreciate everyone's feedback on the game mode. As you may have see in our recent dev blog, we are postponing the Axis vs Allies mode so that we can continue working on it. Thank you for understanding!! We will let you know when we decide to implement Axis vs Allies in the future.
  4. mademoisail

    Flandre free look camera bug?

    Hey, guys! I get it's frustrating when there are bugs, but the important thing is we are aware of the bug and currently working on a fix. Software isn't magic, and we are doing our best to identify issues and fix them as soon as possible!
  5. mademoisail

    Godzilla VS Kong w/ WOWS Collab

    TEAM GODZILLA RISE UP. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I am going to!! πŸ˜„ Did you guys know these camos turn the ship's horns into roars?
  6. mademoisail

    πŸ“° PT 0.10.3, Balance Changes

    Thank you guys for your feedback on PT 0.10.3. I am curious how you feel about the SAP damage increase on Andrea Doria. This change surprised me a little bit. Although, it's certainly not unwelcome. I really loved the Italian BBs. Thanks for the discussion, yall!
  7. I haven't seen HSF, although I do like anime!! Do you think I could watch the new HSF movie and understand the plot? Which people from the anime would you like to see as commanders?? Thank you guys for the feedback and buzz. I am stoked for this πŸ™‚
  8. mademoisail

    You know who you are.....

    I want to start by saying I am sorry you have run into this sort of behavior in-game. It's not okay, and it always disappoints me to see players treating one another this way. I am going to lock this thread and hide some of the posts because of excessive language in the screenshots and the "name and shame" rule. However, the type of behavior seen in your screenshots is NOT acceptable on the forums or in-game. Please submit these screenshots to the respective CS, meaning whichever server you were playing on when you took the screenshots. NA: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ ASIA: https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/ I will be unable to provide you with the outcome of any reports because that goes against our privacy rules. However, I can tell you that we uphold our game rules and we do not tolerate this sort of rule violations. I am sorry again that you guys experienced this. Please PM me if there are any questions. Sail
  9. mademoisail

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    Some of my favorite ships are Tier 8! Richelieu is one of my favorite tech tree ships in the game. ❀️ πŸ₯–πŸ·πŸ’™
  10. mademoisail

    Interesting stuff of 0.10.3 New ships

    Also, I said this on another thread, but Druid is a badass name for a ship. I am stoked to play her.
  11. That is a fair observation about Oland. I appreciate the feedback on that. Do you guys feel any different about the game mode after playing it for a week??
  12. mademoisail

    New Memorial Flags in 0.10.3

    Thanks for the feedback on the different flags. I really like the White Ox flag and the Yukon flag. What do y'all think about the ship flags for Napoli, Constellation, and Druid? Also, this is a random thought, but Druid is a badass name for a ship.❀️
  13. mademoisail

    Interesting stuff of 0.10.3 New ships

    Super interesting connection to Warspite. I have to admit that I had not thought of the similarities. I am really anticipating this ship, now πŸ˜„
  14. mademoisail

    Its not a BUG its a Feature

    I can confirm that this is a bug, and we are in the process of fixing it! I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we will get it fixed! Definitely not a feature lol.
  15. mademoisail

    Marco Polo... ...

    For sure. I will be happy to share that feedback with my team. Thanks πŸ™‚