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  1. WB68

    In Game Browser issues

    Is anyone else experiencing trouble loading the armory or news page in game? I have been having this issue ever since the 11.6 update. I searched the forums found something that help me a bit - by deleting the cache file in profile directory. But that seem to only work for one loading and I have to do this everytime. Then I tried reparing through the launcher. Worked only on the first try. I have now removed and reinstalled the game with similar issues still. Anyone care to advise?
  2. WB68


    Redeemed. Thank you
  3. WB68

    Update 0.11.6 Bug Report Thread

    @Vaxso Thanks for replying. Yes he was trained for and have been using him on my Cherbourg throughout , mostly Ranked Battles. I have yet to recall him as I am saving up free XP for something else.
  4. WB68

    Update 0.11.6 Bug Report Thread

    My French Commander is taken out of my Cherbourg, after this update. Recalling him (Jean-Jacques) will incur retraining cost.