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  1. Neufert1

    Solution for these DD situation

    Thanks for your kindly replay. I know these subject, i was read all of them, all of them too important but these are classic and utilizable for 1 or 2 radar / 1 or 2 DD and useless after that points. . Especially against to like how to counter against to 4 radar, 4 dd nobody can't say anything. Some forum user said : this happend only sometimes but actually no, this happend almost 10 / 7 battle. After last update matchmaking working different " i guess" or players changing ships selection. I'm give up DD gameplay now, i'm trying with A.L nevsky and today i^m reach to my hi score with radar / cruiser because BB pieces low than earlier games.
  2. Neufert1

    Solution for these DD situation

    i don't read your stupid comments, may be you want to know this. Now shut up. And after that point, i hope you don't wrote any comment to any subject . I will trolling all of them
  3. Neufert1

    Asymmetric battles

    That was good experience for me, difference than other modes, that was funny when i played VIII tier but VI tier really bored for me 🙂
  4. Neufert1

    Solution for these DD situation

    Who tell you " you may dreailed my thread " ? Please create your own worst subject and write by yourself. Thank you.
  5. Neufert1

    Solution for these DD situation

    I can't see any replay about my questions. If you want duel, create your own topic. Thank you !
  6. I have few scenario and these releated with my issues. 1- If your team waiting behind of the mountains and they say only capture this area ? No Radar support, no fire support and no Air support ( Your team's BB waiting for Capture from DD and DD have to cap this point , because enemy ships don't came to near and BB can't shoot him) 2- as you seen generally we playing against to 3 or 4 DD / 4 Radar / 2 sonar / 1 cv 3- 3 radar ship protecting cap point. What is solution ? 4- I get many advise from experienced players about DD gameplay and everyone said : Don't be YOLO. Ok, i've tried this and i'm destroyed almost every match by my teammates. Because they waiting behind of the mountains for your capture. Dd have to capture points but BB or Cruiser don't have to protect her. 4 RADAR + 3 DD Did you see my teammates ? Especially Radar ships Des mones ? 1 cap point protecting by 3 radar ships. What is your solution ? I can guess this : Wait till they destroyed. Ok, where is the game ? I don't play until these are destroyed ? Why i can't do anything ? only can i be Radar for my teammates ? I'm reached to X tier DD for be a Radar ? Where is fun ?
  7. Neufert1

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    You're completely right what you say. Ok, may be this game not suitable for me. Yes, let's talk about my harugumo gameplay. These gameplay was suicide. Because my all team waiting almost edge of border. Please look to minimap. Did you see my team ? Everytime they goes behind of the mountains, yes after little time later i'm bored and i was suicide that's all. Please look to Scroeboard. I put myself to second line but did you see my score and damage ? with 60K damage 2.000 exp due to 4 radar 3 DD and 1 cv. Did you see that ? Salem + Des mones + minotaur protecting this cap point. How can i cap this area or can i destroy them ? Yes i have to wait again until when they destroyed. So where is the game ? Where is fun ? Why i can't attack them ?
  8. Neufert1

    Collide damage decreased ?

    Thanks for the information and your helping ! 🙂
  9. Neufert1

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    Yes, many advise, many tactics, many strategy, you can't play without them. But end of the battle , you can ask yourself this question : That was funny ? Absolutely no for me... May be yes for you and i'm not authority.. All of you forgetting this things " All of us playing for fun". I'm not soldier or captain in my real life, and if i want play warships simulator, i can buy simulator game Like famous Airplane or truck simulation game. Already some part of the game worst . Everybody giving advise about " citadel hit, shell travel time like real life but everyone accept radars (behind of the wall). DD gameplay dead for me after 4 radar 3 DD and 1cv. DD was stucking beetween the islands like BB. Why DD was funny ? low detect range, short enemy destroy time with torpedos, you can move around without detection and freely and etc.. So now ? i'm detected almost every 30-40 sec inside of the 1 min due to radar / DD / CV. I will don't say anything about Des mones with 1 min radar time and now you may see min 3 des mones every battle. (3x4 time 12 min. Already sometimes battle ended almost 15 min. So i can say this You have to play like BB with DD. DD gameplay broken for me now ... Every match i'm playing against to 3 Radar " MIN" , 3 DD min and 1 CV. Completely unfunny. Yes u can use mountains etc.. but you have to wait and run from enemy during 10 min. You have protect yourself during 10 min if you can survive, Completely broken for me because i'm playing for fun and now this is not funny. I will change my main ship. I'm started with CV as a beginner and CV broken, now DD gameplay broken. I belive all ships gameplay should be broken after few update and game will die.
  10. Today i'm collided with Kurfurst . (my ship was Kremlin around 100k HP and Kurfurst around 80K hp) Both of them destroyed but i'm received only 20K damage. Is that normal ? Collide damage decreased ?
  11. Neufert1

    how do you counter the CV crap

    I'm saying again ; If you can't speak like this with people in your real life , you can't speak in here. YOU CAN'T INSULT TO PEOPLE. May have they got worst idea but even you can't insult to people. You're not too smart than people. Just you have got more experince than those peoples. Just they are don't know game mechanics and we don't have experince like you but even you can't insult to people. May be they are lawyer, hippocrates or software enginieer in their real life and may be they are too smart than you just they didn't know game and they don't have experience like you and this situation doesn't give you right for insult. Meantime i saw your post about racism, Thank you to about these post ! 🙂
  12. Neufert1

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Thanks, i appreciate to you !
  13. Neufert1

    how do you counter the CV crap

    Why everytime you're talking about me ? I saw many post by you and you everytime insulting me.. Stop talking about me and your "looking down" talking. Everyone know you, and nobody don't like your answer style / jargon. You speaking with everyone like idiot, clown. Can you speak WITH PEOPLES like this in your real life ? I can say this : NO. Change your mind / speak style / jargon or shut up and DON'T INSULT people. ENOUGH !!! YOUR GAME INFORMATION / experience may be higher than me BUT If we talking about Human quality, You're just not good enough
  14. Neufert1

    How to Play DD Against Radar?

    Firstly ; Thanks for the all information , all of them is too important for new players. Unortunately i can say these : Already i knew some of them but some of them hard for me reason my teams. You may apply these advise if your team moving / playing with you. 1 - now i see 4 radar ships, 3 or 4 DD and 1 CV I can't understand what happend after last update , Everytime my all team's radar ships waiting behind of the far mountains or near to border of the map and don't support DD. All advices true if your team moving with you or if they supporting you. As i said, no one don't support DD in today's all battles. May be they trying something due to new update i don't know. 2- If my team don't support me, i don't try cap but since this morning, my team destrpying me reason of capture. Because if i don't capture zone, enemies don't come near to the zones and BB can't shoot anyone. 3- DD need to god mod or any solution for teamkil. Since this morning almost every battle i'm destroyed by my team.
  15. Neufert1

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Hi everyone, i don't receive Those containers. How can i get ?