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  1. you have a point, cherry picking can make a convincing argument. I am not always getting these MMs. Most of these MMs are from weekends, to be precise, these are from Thursday evening to Saturday evening. I decided that I wont ever play any random in that time. A lot of the time, I can just glance at MM and see if there's "any" chance of winning at all, and most of the time I can predict what will happen and it happens. So if I see, opposition have couple of unicum-ish divs and all my BBs are either very experienced newbie or just newbie, I start reversing. There's no point in trying at all and usually within the first 2/3 mins I am proved to be right. This type of MM is not fun at all and in the weekend-ish times which I mentioned you can get these types of MM quite frequently.
  2. I am really frustrated about the MM in this game. It feels WG don't even try to balance the teams at all. One team has a good divison (55%+ WR), let's give them better battleships too. Result: opposition of the better team is wiped out in the first 10 minutes or so. I am playing this game for having fun. Slaughter is not fun. How come this still not fixed?