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  1. CleopatraDot

    Who here bought the Dockyard MARLBOROUGH...

    I felt like this ship is a British variant of Russian's AK-47 lol
  2. CleopatraDot

    New Year Tier 8 perm camo

    @Manacetamol how you get that port view?
  3. CleopatraDot

    So, Did You Get Santa's Gift Yet?

    Thanks. Guess I wasn't lucky enough to get it. Checked the same email title, nada.
  4. CleopatraDot

    So, Did You Get Santa's Gift Yet?

    How the email looks like? Don't think I received any..
  5. CleopatraDot

    Bonus Code

    This only works for players based in countries where Lazada (ecommerce platform) is available. Just redeemed, code still works.
  6. CleopatraDot

    Do you sell your LOW Tier Premium ships?

    Came back to get some SC from that T10 event. Long ago I rolledback that Christmas purchase that got me Markarov lol. And now, I got Markarov back again from one SC. So yes, ideally, it is better to keep lower tier ships, or any ships for that matter even if you do not play them.
  7. CleopatraDot

    The only way WG will understand your displeasure

    I always highly suspect they are targeting whales from China. The biggest spenders are there. Not to mention, people earning from cryptocurrency.. no way anyone can keep up with the cost of the games like this.
  8. CleopatraDot

    PC players, share your specs!

    Mine PC: Asus TUF B450 board GTX 1650 Ti 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX ram AMD Ryzen 3 3200g Cyrorig C7 Cu cooler (fan) Audio; SMSL SU-9 DAC Klipsch R41-PM monitors Jamo 10 inch Subwoofer
  9. CleopatraDot

    PC pays for premium time by itself

    Welcome to the club! You are lucky you could mine. Where I am, electricity costs too much. Could make a negative profit lol
  10. CleopatraDot

    Anyone Else Experienced This...

    Same.. had this. Made me useless for the whole remaining match.
  11. CleopatraDot

    All the New Year's Rewards and Gifts in One Article!

    Not sure how to play the game now when my account is now in a limbo with no movement on my refund request ticket.
  12. CleopatraDot

    Regarding Santa Crates

    Guts feeling that Asia gets ignored for the most part.
  13. CleopatraDot

    Regarding Santa Crates

    Awful waiting time. Waited, still no action on my ticket. Not sure if there are any staff looking at mine. Would love to at least play some games after rollback.
  14. CleopatraDot

    let's share what you got from Santa box!

    40 Mega here. 12k Dubs, If I add a few more, I could get something.