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    Discontinuation of macOS Support

    As a new World of Warship player on a mac, I am extremely disappointed in the discontinuation of support for mac users. I used to play computer games growing up but for years I haven't played because I couldn't find a game I really enjoyed but that all changed in the spring when I found World of Warships. I had no idea such a game existed for my community as a mac owner but I was so excited to finally find a game I enjoyed! I started engaging with the community of players, loved the historical feel of the game, and appreciated all the work the developers put into making it a worthwhile game. I even started putting my own money into the game purchasing a premium ship not too long ago. Now I feel like the past few months I've put into this game is completely wasted not to count the hours I spent watching videos trying to learn the game. Even more than that I now regret putting my own money into a game I will no longer be able to enjoy. Bootcamp is not an option for me due to its large space requirements and I would have to put more money into setting up a system to where I could play the game. I would prefer to put that money directly into the game. I am asking and begging the developers to please reconsider this horrible decision! Let us enjoy your game!