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  1. Seems WG doesn't read content here I'm not quite sure where should players give their feedback
  2. There are a lot of problems of Sub But the most important one is the sonar torpedoes Now you'd say we lower the damage The game is not about number high or low, well adjusting numbers are also important but the core idea is interaction Sub just throw torpedoes chasing anyone without paying any price, imagining a battleship fire but not be spotted on the open sea Now sub been complain for the same reason as carrier and destroy: they shot you(plane and torpedo) but they don't pay for it My suggestion is most of the time let sub use torpedo like destroyer. And in some key point when sub use sonar pin an enemy ship to deal huge damage, consider it like firing battleship main gun, sub will be detected. You could even give sonar limited times to make players consider using it at the right moment. Anyway it's all about interaction, A sub keep sonar you and he doesn't pay any price is a ver frustrating game experience. Carrier has the same issue(provide sight for free) but teammate carrier can do the same to enemy team and you also take the advantage so it's kind OK in most situation (except when teammate carrier is way worse than enemy's) but sub just don't, teammate sub pin an enemy doesn't give his teammate any benefit. Please let me know what you think and thanks for your time reading my comment