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  1. stel1arX

    Should United States get BUFF?

    Should Nakhimov get BUFF in armor as it gets penetrated by MVR every time?
  2. stel1arX


  3. stel1arX


    戳啦,这是让大家都去随机给“十级航母天鹰”刷场均呢 有发言权的“高端玩家”,比如CC等,只会叫“技术问题”或者根本视而不见,反正他们不需要玩剧情
  4. stel1arX


    EULA 2.16,恶意利用bug警告
  5. stel1arX

    Free DLCs on Steam

    One of them offers a Dunkirk or about 4k doubloon if you already have one but I don't see any information about it in the description.
  6. stel1arX

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    The logic is weird for sure and I don't know why WG sits here and does nothing about it. And it's not surprising to see some self-motivated defenders of WG yelling "Skill issue" when someone is complaining about OP rework.
  7. stel1arX

    A quick PSA

    WG: Though we are incapable of balancing subs, we've wasted 3 yrs on it, time is money! WG: We haven't profited from subs, s189 and i56 are on the way to hunt whales, EA is on the schedule to harvest doubloons and credits! WG: Silent majority haven't shown their love for subs. WG: Don't like it then don't play it.
  8. stel1arX

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    Actually I don't oppose you and your crew making any comments on any identity. Infamy is another way to make you known to the majority. What I want to know is if AF_is_short_on_water is aware of this.
  9. stel1arX

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    So here are some facts or things: 1. You reported some players for farming in Narai with VMs as RMT to WG through some discord channel prior to OP rework. 2. After OP rework, you notified WG that total bxp pool was reduced thru some discord channel in mid Sept, which had been reported by other players during the PT Rd2. 3. Later, your name was mentioned in the PSA for informing WG of the unexpected aforementioned change. 4. After the release of OP rework, you have been bullied by some Chinese players on the Internet as they believe your report led to harder and less profitable OPs and your name in the PSA was deemed as a strong evidence. Though there is no clear connection between your feedback and WG's decision. 5. Later, you got removed from PANTS and joined REPOI, a clan which may be involved in making discriminatory/insulting comments on P.R.China according to some players, for example, New_Jersey_prpr. 6. During the condemnation, someone also argued that you joined ST program before turning 18 yrs old and violated the basic age requirement.
  10. stel1arX

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    One question, who is benefited from such a change? Plus: [Content Removed]Non-English, content removed~TheAzure
  11. stel1arX

    Submarine Feedback

    Glad to see a detailed discussion by a ST player, thanks. I think those players who have more opportunities to contact WG staffs, especially CCs, barely make comments in public. I don't know if they DM to WG staffs or they think SS is well balanced or they don't care about it at all. Here are my thoughts and suggestions. 1.Homing torpedoes. I think: It is necessary because for underwater engagement, without homing torpedoes, it is nearly impossible to make a hit. Problem: (a)As you mentioned, it must be disabled by DCP with a very long CD and the tracking ability makes it almost impossible to dodge for a DD/CL that move forward to the submarine to attack it with depth charges. (b) Despite there are white ripples to indicate the location of the submarine when it emits a ping, the information is not precise and often outdated. The submarine can go any direction or stay at where it is. How to change: (a) Reduce the tracking ability / Increase the stop-track distance when it's close to the target / Reduce the effective time of the ping (b) Restrict the angle of ping generator / Generate ripples twice or more times to indicate the trend of the submarine movement 2. Maneuverability I think: Submarine, especially t10 and incoming U4501, are too fast to be countered. Problem: (a) T6 runs at 16kts, T8 runs at 18kts, but T10 can run at 26kts underwater. (b) They surface and dive too quickly. How to change: (a) It might be able to run very fast in history but speed is an important aspect in balance. Reduce the top speed under 20kts. (b) Make a delay, say 10 secs to dive or surface action. TBC.
  12. stel1arX


    disclaimer:收到了wg的群发的邮件,废纸一张 rollback没问题,刷别怕,怕别刷,刷了被回了是合情合理,这不是bug,是滥用error 处理完了farmer,wg呢 Black当时也是error abuse,让玩家获得了10倍于常规汇率的银币,Schlieffen在EA阶段副炮不坏的bug,刚刚修复的last stand会提供额外加速效果,这些都是error/bug 但wg不修/不追究,因为Black是win-win,虽然热修复,但玩家本质还是拿金币换银币,schlieffen也是win-win,EA玩家放心CQC,想成为EA就花大量金币,至于last stand,大家都能点,影响也不大,只有BB玩家打摩擦位的CA更困难了 而这次,玩家只是在消耗现有的bonus,并没有消费(rare和unique bonus也买不到),而且还出现了不扣1就捣蛋的lynching,只有扣1的玩家赢了,必然wg要有所作为,所以下次再有abuse的机会,先想想,是不是拿金币换来的,如果不是,好自为之 最后再吐槽一下这次的email,居然能发到正常打的玩家手里,甚至有没上线,没t8 cv的玩家手里,也是奇葩
  13. stel1arX

    WG's stance about recent CV only Brawl

    Where did they post this? Some private discord channel open to ST/CC etc. only?
  14. stel1arX

    Why was I reported????

    No need to worry about your karma. You can be reported for killing someone, hitting someone by accident, or even your name may piss someone off. In the worst case, it is possible that someone just didn't want to waste his daily report quota.
  15. stel1arX

    CV Brawl Feedback

    Many players from top clans did this actually. As for the possible passive play, have you heard of "Yone Rush B"?