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  1. As long as there's a reasonable limit for the number of superships, I'm fine with it. This is same in Subs. To be specific, maximum # of Super+CV <= 2 and maximum # of DD+SS <=4
  2. Regress1on

    Superships in Random Battles (0.11.0)

    WG gets feedback from nowhere. If they had been more attentive to players' opinion, CC drama wouldn't happen in last summer.
  3. Regress1on

    wows? wodds

    That's how COOP works. Actually COOP is not a place for players to get together and fight agaisnt bots; for me it's merely a shortcut to finish all kinds of missions quickly. It is unfortunate for players like you who just want to play ships. It has something to do with WG's bot algorithm. The way that bots move and attack is nowhere near as real as human.
  4. 论HE DPM,Chumpon 200k,Flint 250k,Atlanta足足有360k,所以Flint似乎可以下岗,但Atlanta还是很有竞争力的 另外,Atlanta主场不应该是Narai吗
  5. Regress1on


  6. Regress1on

    Wait? What? Tech tree ship for doubloons? Why?

    A 14 skill points commander requires 579k XP and a 10 skill points commander requires 183k XP, so the price seems to be justified. This is not the first time for WG to sell tech tree ships, they just called it early access.
  7. Regress1on

    ✏️ Operations / Scenario Survey (Survey Ended)

    Thanks, just finish it. Generally speaking, operations are welcomed because the revenue is guaranteed. Hope WG release those removed operations. Also, it will be better to add bot teammates in operations just like Coop or random in PT because sometimes, like in early morning, there are few players. Also, cv players tend to wait for longer time than others.
  8. Regress1on

    Best Battle mission Supercontainer drop

    Cool, Perth is quite competitive in tier 6.
  9. Regress1on

    Reserving Ships for Purchase

    Good idea but I think WG is not likely to consider it. They can put removed ships in containers and they have already done this in this Xmas.
  10. Regress1on


    It's balanced of course, each ship is against the counterpart of same type and tier. However, if you think a game with so many DD and SS is balanced, then I really appreciate your understanding of this game LOL.
  11. Regress1on


    Complete 18 dockyard missions, repulse is not available in premium shop or in FXP for now.
  12. Regress1on


    4 DDs + 2 SSs, what a balanced MM. Well done!
  13. Regress1on


  14. Regress1on

    FXP to CV Midway worth it ?

    Why do you want to skip Lexington? If you have a hard time with Lex for whatever reasons, you won't feel better with Midway.