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  1. 不想玩就不玩
  2. Nerf Tier <=9 and buff Tier 10 as expected. IIRC Tier 5 and 6 EU DD are copy-paste of British DDs so WG forgot to change ASW parameters hah?
  3. inval1d

    Feedback thread for Update 12.0

    I don't know if it is a bug but I think the elements in collection "The Age of Sa Zhenbing" can be rearranged. The issue is, the title of Chapter 3 is 'Armor age' but we don't have any armored cruisers here, instead those ironclad ships are in Chapter 5, 'New era fleet'. Ships built in 20-th century appear in 'Armor Age'. Ships built in late 19-th century appear to be 'New era fleet' What I expect is exchanging all elements in Chapter 5 with ones in Chapter 3, also, I want Chapter 4 be the last chapter since the ships here are most advanced in this collection so a chronological order makes more sense.
  4. 现在PT的IGN已经没有地区tag了
  5. There's really nothing to expect for Y2023, US Hybrid BB, EU gunboat DD and South America CL. What can be the last new tech line? Submarine? Barely play random so don't care about shotguns and depth charges. CV split and rework on planes? Have we ever heard about it? New operation? Unlikely to be a lucrative program. No way.
  6. inval1d

    Why does Hydro not Detect Submarines

    Cuz WG is promoting submarines. Right now, at max depth, hyrdo can detect submarine within 2km but for other depths, actually there aren't many depth levels, regular ship detection range applies.
  7. Last night I had four Aegis in a div consecutively and three of them were bugged. But we managed to make two 5-star battles. The strategy is leaving one to snipe flank at the mountain in the middle of the map and the rest go south first and then go east to enclose bots. The sniper can be a BB so after rescuing transport ships it can go north to hit Amagi's broadside. One torpedo DD is needed to sink two Nagatos. A Mainz might work as well but it can be overmatched. Rest of team need to head to evacuation area asap to draw attention and tank damage for transport ships. I don't know if WG is trying to update AI in operations since AI in COOP already behaves differently but this odd change only happens in Aegis, Newport, Frontier (not very significant).
  8. inval1d


    剧情是有路线bug,比如神盾第一波集体拖刀,第二波撞沉运输船,纽波特第二波AI停船,des moines横船被myoko和hipper射爆,根本不能打五星
  9. This is what I recorded in my 200 battles with matchmaking monitor. If we define a battle as broken in which difference of win rates is greater than 3%, then 22% of my battles were broken. Similarly, if a battle with WR difference less than 1% is normal, then 33% of my battles were normal. There were several outliers, (1) 51.55% vs 43.15% (2) 47.51% vs 55.19% (3) 57.68% vs 48.78% (4) 48.47% vs 56.85% but it still makes sense by skewness. And I didn't observe a quick win/loss after a losing/wining streak. I don't negate the possibility of a well-designed MM system to balance your WR but as an average player, I don't feel like I'm a victim of it. What really sucks is WG puts exactly 3 tier 7/tier 9 ships against tons of tier 9/tier 11+ ships while there are many ships queuing up and I don't believe they can't find another 3 tier 9/tier10 ships instead.
  10. No. 1. bad speed. 2nd slowest in t10 and has a very stiff rudder 2. medium concealment but it doesn't make much difference 3. hydro is not so useful because it only captures submarine at max depth within 2km 4. Sherman doesn't have asw rocket, launchers at bow are just models, it does have depth charges that can deal very high damage but the problem is, you are not very likely to catch a submarine For now, the most efficient asw is BB's airstrike and tbh, every asw method is a joke rn.
  11. nothing too much for my life, stay healthy, stay safe for this game, better asw, that's all i want
  12. inval1d


  13. 1 Maya out of 3 free small containers 3 sets of blue bonus + 3*100 000 ECXP from 6 mega containers from my 30 certificates
  14. Right now Halland can't shoot forward within 7.4km (Crosshair color changed in two pictures) This is because of its useless anti-submarine rocket launchers in front of the bow turret so it has to elevate the barrels to shoot forward.
  15. inval1d

    4 days STRAIGHT !

    i find no reason for WG to punish an average player but sometime it happens, for a single ship or for a period of time so i guess you just had a bad luck and in the future you will get carried by unicum divisions