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  1. C0mra1d

    New Memorial Flags in 0.10.3

    Good to see CN Navy flag with elements from PLAN such as blue and white strips and red background. As for Yukon flag, is that a cute husky lol.
  2. C0mra1d

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    Haven't got my Italian containers from random bundle but I do believe that WG won't be so generous to let us get premium ships from free containters with the same possibility as purchased containers. It's true that someone once got a Missouri/Musashi (can't remember which one) from a daily supercontainer but generally speaking, don't expect too much from free containters.
  3. C0mra1d

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.2

    Just mention one thing, shells and their trajectories are less obvious so it's more difficult to spot and dodge incoming shells. Also, traces of torps become faint.
  4. C0mra1d

    Well this is Unexpected...

    Is that a tier7 bot in random?
  5. C0mra1d

    Yamma now obsolete

    Some tips from a player suffered a lot from Yamato: 1)Make sure your captain has Fire Prevention Exepert(Just less important than Concealment Expert) and Basic Survivability skill. Also, use signals to decrease fire time. The longer you survive, the more damage you can make. 2)Don't push too much until you have to. It's okay to drive at 1/4 speed and stay behind your teammates at first. Keep 20km away from enemy battleships and make sure you can go stealth at any time. 3)Don't use Damage Control Party(R) when there's one fire on you. Action time of DCP on IJN battleship is relatively short, and experienced players will concentrate fire on any battleship who use DCP to put out just one fire right after burning. As for the penetration, Yamato has most powerful guns in this game. Due to "14.3 mechanism", it can cause huge damage to any ship with armor thinner than 32mm. I play Thunderer and Jean Bart a lot and it's easy for Musashi/Yamato to hit me and cause over 10k damage in a salvo. Just improve your aiming and use your powerful AP shells.
  6. C0mra1d

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Oh, interesting, forget to check the link provided by OP. It seems you release the post prepared for April 1 too early hah?
  7. C0mra1d

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Yeah not rigorous about my arguments. After all, still looking forward to seeing her in future releases.
  8. C0mra1d

    Precious Doubloons

    A T10 permanent camo is about the same price as a T5 premium ship and is about 1/4 (1/3 with a coupon) of the price of a T9 premium ship. For me, I'd like to buy another premium ship for different experience. Withoug premium account, playing T10 tech tree ship may lost some money due to high service cost (which can be decreased by joining a clan) and consumable camo like Type5 (or other camo with buff in credits). Considering 5k doubloons are equal to 7.5m credits, if you play a T10 ship with permanent camo for 100 battles, you can save 75k credits each time. IMO, if you are not a big fan of a particular T10 ship and don't play it all the time, there's no need to buy a T10 permanent camouflage.
  9. C0mra1d

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    What a fantasy design lol. Obviously an unrealistic design for: 1)Max speed without signal reaches 35 knots, even 3 knots faster than Bourgogne. 2)Detectability when firing in smoke is even worse than surface detactable range. 3)Turret rotation time is the same as Kremlin which is 30 secs. 4)AA that is better than every other BB. 5)Superior main guns accuracy. 6)32mm plating seems to be a vulnerability but when considering its maneuverability, radar and reload booster, it doesn't matter at all.
  10. C0mra1d

    Is Caracciolo worth playing in Narai?

    Light cruisers with high ROF are most suitable for Narai such as Helena and Fiji. Their AP shells are enough to penetrate citadels of cruisers or hit battleships by aiming superstructure and torpedos. Also, high ROF can take out transportships quickly. Battleships with bad dispersion and long reload time are less likely to guarantee high XP and credits. As for tokens, the permanent Camo is awesome and may not be attainable in near furture. But if you are not a collector, you can exchange tokens for cosumable camos which are helpful to grind lines.
  11. C0mra1d


    Citadel area varies from ship to ship and in most cases, it's ok to aim at amidship and above waterline. You can check the armor configuration of a ship in port or start a local training battle to practice your aiming.
  12. C0mra1d

    Ships which are Keepers by Tiers

    Don't have too many ships and my preferred ships are: T5: Konigsberg (First ship to get 5 kills) T6: Pensacola (AP with special richochet angles is devastating to cruisers' broadsides) T7: Hellena (15 guns is both useful in Narai or random battles to hide behind an island and fire at everyone within your range) T8: Clevland (good concealment, high DPM, decent AA defense) T9: Jean Bart ( High velocity shells, reload booster and special coefficient for more credits) T10: Nevsky (radar to suppress DD, AA to protect yourself from CV also good at long-range engagement), Thunderer(HE and AP shells from a 457mm gun every 23 secs)
  13. C0mra1d

    So, last night was ruff.

    Just don't fire torps behind your teammate next time. Lead your CA/CL teammate when pushing into a base, so they have space to dodge incoming shells and are less likely to be spotted too early.
  14. C0mra1d


    Fluency in English isn't mandatory in random battles since you can communicate with your teammate thru panel and clicks on map to indicate the route to push. It's not likely to text long sentences in battle and I usually use short expressions such as "RPF at D7", "Radar", "DD perhaps here". An experienced player will understand it in most situations and for players below average ( not to be a stat racist ), even you text in English, they won't react.
  15. C0mra1d

    Roast me!!!

    Overall average damage is a biased stat as it is affected by tier and category of the ship you play mostly. WR just below 50% is not a big deal, it seems that you're just an average player. No need to be worried about figures.