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  1. hmm i mean it makes sense thats true your 5 posts are done by 5 different account of yours it took me a few minutes to notice
  2. oh i see interesting thx its also reassuring that you guys are modders and I am still not yet in any trouble by posting this
  3. ok thx how do I delete this btw
  4. what if I : use my original account to create an invite link log out of my original account use my own invite link to create a second account play on the second account and then tadaa! recruitment points even though you invited no one (Does this violate eula or any other rules? or is this just a dumb idea, tell me what you think about this)
  5. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    oh ok the idea of long range kiting HE spam of moskva sounds intersting to me plus it has 50mm plating (i think) and decent armour protection which makes it more appealing other ppl are saying moskva and yoshino are just as good but Idk theyre both kiting ships but moskva has better armour and yoshino has better guns (and torps, loads of them) i am thinking of choosing from one of these two so idk
  6. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    what about moskvaaaaaa
  7. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    Well I already have the Roma and Marco Polo is just a Roma with 406mm guns instead of 381mm, and with 5000+ AP pen damage instead of the 3960 AP pen damage found on Roma So I am thinking it might not be really worth getting a very similar ship (even tho Roma is a perfect ship for me and Marco Polo is an even better version of roma) I am thinking of grinding coal for moskva right now especially since there arent any good tier 9 coal ship choices and the good armour and the idea of kiting& pumping HE at the enemy (since 10 sec reload) sounds very interesting Also Im not very sure about not using my steel to help me buy coal ships since imo it might not be really worth waiting more than 1 year to grind enough steel to buy them even tho the steel ships are really appealing (especially stalingrad), plus steel actually allow me to get coal ships way faster so, yea
  8. Spequefire

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Best Rickroll.
  9. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    here is my dock
  10. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    Yea sure I will make a screenshot Most of my ships are mid tier ships, the only high tier ships I have is Roma and Benson (I am bb main and bad at dd I shouldnt have grinded this line) , as well as NC and iowa but I sold them
  11. Spequefire

    Which coal ship should I get

    Thanks for replying everyone I thought I should prioritise get a tier 10 ship, I should consider some tier 9s as well Also sorry for replying a week late I thought no one replied so I kinda didnt check this page
  12. Ive been saving up coal (and steel since it can be used in a coal ship purchase) to buy a coal ship in the near future. I am a BB main tho I sometimes play CL and DD as well (and a bit cv) There are some interesting ship in the armory like yoshino and moskva, so which ship should I get? thx also im wondering what ship could be a replacement for thunderer since theres marco polo that is prob a replacement for georgia but theres no replacement for thunderer yet i think
  13. Spequefire

    Downloading wows on mac after 10.0

    ok i see thx
  14. Spequefire

    Downloading wows on mac after 10.0

    I can still play wows on my mac without virtual machine after 10.0 tho, I thought I would have to install windows on my mac if I wanted to play wows, but then after 10.0 was installed I found out that I can still play as usual on my macbook, it seemed as if I was somehow completely unaffected (Also wargaming gave me a free tier 8 premium container since I kept playing wows on my mac after 10.0, I got the Roma its a gud ship)
  15. Spequefire

    Downloading wows on mac after 10.0

    ikr macs are trash with gaming but I just have this laptop and I dont have money to buy a new one like a window laptop 😞