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  1. It happen more than 1 times already, I got my Captain another point and I want to assign the points to a new skill, but repeating the game refuse citing " Transaction error " , check that bottom right corner of the screen capture , I had to exit the game entirely , and log in / re-launch the game before it will allow me to
  2. Naval_Mage

    German 2nd Camo scheme list (Not all of them)

    so when can we or how can we choose that .. ???
  3. I got it also , the screen freeze for a moment
  4. Naval_Mage

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    I see a team of ships that retreat the moment they see enemy. There is no defending / contesting done by the green team , the green team also had their own HE spamming ship and the red team do not seems to be at odd with that. In that regard .. I say there is a point there .. Domination mode is about contesting the area and capping it , then keeping it and gain points making an advantage , not contesting it, give enemy the advantage. I see 2 DD trying to do early cap and then both die with enemy pushing, then capping, and then push further and the green team with very little in response. Not understanding this
  5. just wanting to get to know when is permanent camouflage start to be offered , still around low tier, starting and am not seeing my T2,3 or 4 ships having the options
  6. Naval_Mage

    server overload message

    I keep having this error this last weekend . wanting to know if any solution ???
  7. Naval_Mage

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    Both had a point .. sure charging ahead can be too aggressive in this one, but those guns indeed are not moving up to support and that's across the frontier when enemy do PUSH, this way they pretty much hand the enemy all the advanytages
  8. Naval_Mage


    其實是沒差,要知道就算只有兩艘BB在12vs12 机制那也是1/6了。本來就不應該一個10/12的隊伍居然是BB佔了四,五,甚至六七個位置。反而現在真的在受害的都是DD,CL 甚而CA ( 非大巡)。要射程沒,要甲要血也沒,又飛机又雷達,隨時一隻BB比你更快。 說是體驗不好倒不如說BB玩家現在都不肯去跟前面真正戰線拼總只要後線農,這樣自家巡洋驅逐自然無法支援也得不到前線火力投射。 如果如OP所言每隊4BB或以上那不就是至少1/3是重甲厚血巨炮那叫人家DD,CL,CA 不要玩吧,何況還有 CV , Super Cruiser 。現時高階場動不動就每隊二三隻大巡於真正 CA,CL,DD 而言難道那些 305/310 炮就不是 BB 级,另外 CV 體驗不好,先去玩 T10 Khaba 回來才說吧! BB 實在不能說差。