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  1. Davey77

    Bitching, matchmaking... again!

    When both cv's tag team you death comes very fast. Like, you're back in port in a blink of a rocket run....
  2. Davey77

    What to buy with my Coal

    Use your coal to get Thunderer and buy Georgia with cash. Win win.
  3. Davey77


    Cheers 😀
  4. Davey77

    Look like I did

    ah, I see. 1 million coal. nice one. Looks like you'll have your pick of the bunch when the new armory ships drop.
  5. Davey77

    Look like I did

    41k battles 😵...... dude.
  6. Davey77

    what is best computer spec. to play WoW?

    I've been using a Ryzen 7 and the new i7 11th gen. Both have been awesome.
  7. Davey77

    Armory changes.

    soooooo, how long until 0.10.1 drops? I have Thunderer and Massa. I will get Georgia for coal very soon. Alaska is looking good in black. Smaland is 1.2 mil FXP away.....
  8. Great gifts. Thanks WG.
  9. Seems to me my resource containers have gotten better. Got my 2nd 15k coal SC the other day too. Perhaps the RNG gods are frowning upon thee at the moment. Whatever you've done get on your knees pronto and beg for forgiveness. 🤣
  10. Davey77

    Please buff Moskva

    I went head to head with a Moskva the other day in my Tallinn. He had to disengage and run because I was penning that many citadels. Sometimes a Mosky can be quite the challenge. Depends on how it's played I suppose.
  11. Davey77

    Who reported me?

    Haters going to hate. My personal favorite are the ones who spew abuse the first few minutes in after the team loses one ship. Even if the team goes on to win the abuse still flows. Oh boy, some people who play this game need serious therapy.
  12. Davey77

    Hmmm. DD XP.

    How do you think potato's like me move up the tech tree..... errr I mean nothing to see here folks. Move along.
  13. Davey77


    Just spot the cv with your planes as soon as the game starts, then let the one or two Yamato's do the rest 😉
  14. Davey77

    Pommern or Georgia?

    what's wrong with the pom pom?
  15. Davey77

    Pommern or Georgia?