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  1. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    The German FXP cruiser Agir. Worth getting?
  2. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    I reach 50% WR, am i a good player ?

    This in ranked makes me want to punch the computer screen.
  3. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Super Drops

    I've gotten Charleston, Exeter, Genova, Viribus Unitis and Tirpitz from super containers. I guess my "good luck" in SC is all used up.
  4. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Return of Missouri Random Bundle question

    Steven is the self titled Dalia Lama reincarnate. Apparently to Stevey baby this guy is a fraud
  5. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    tightening the money belt

    There's an even better way mate. Just don't care. Play the game and you get what you get. Any extra resources you are panic farming is just going to be spent on some worthless port queen or ship that will be "balanced' in the future. " I've whaled 2x dockyards now for very mediocre ships" <--- my point entirely. Many players need to realize all this crap is just well.... crap. 1) Stop spending 2) Stop caring 3) You'll have more fun by doing 1 and 2.
  6. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Ok, Subs are garbage

    A cv and 2 subs per side in ranked is enough for me not to farm steel. Subs are here only to sell more premiums. It's only about squeezing the cash cow. Also shows how little devs play their own game when they develop mechanics that encourage its player base press "uninstall".
  7. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Return of Missouri Random Bundle question

    Stop buying. Just stop. The ship is so not worth it. Without the credit multiplier it's nothing but a port queen. I got the ship for 3k dubs that came from a super container and I still feel ripped off when I take her into randoms lol.
  8. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    New CODE

    cheers mate
  9. I had 3500 dubs left from a few SC. I decided to take a chance and see if it was true that WG "fiddled" with Missouri lootboxes. Many were saying they got MO in the first few bundles. It will take more than one event to win back the trust of your player base WG. I'll take a Musashi, Black and Belfast in my next 3 free SC thanks.
  10. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Return of Missouri Random Bundle question

    I guess WG is desperate to regain my whale status.
  11. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    SOVBB21 signals and containers
  12. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    [Leaked] P2L Missouri Box

    I got a warning for that and my original post removed. I violated a mods safe space . I guess Alex Jones over enlarged nipples is worse than providing a platform for underage gambling. Sensitive times in here now I'm banned in 3, 2, 1.....
  13. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Need a Port Slot, which Russian Cruiser to sell?

    Sell your Makarov. Don't worry, you'll get another.
  14. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    [Leaked] P2L Missouri Box

    my a$$
  15. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    [Leaked] P2L Missouri Box

    $400 for a nerfed meh ship, yikes. Not another scam at all..... Oh wait, I'm sure the ship will drop in the first few containers for everyone