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  1. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Birthday Coupon.

    Sorry I've been away for a bit. Does WG still do the 50% birthday coupon or has that been taken away?
  2. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Go home, MM! You're drunk.

    Try playing a dd when MM puts you up against 3-4 radar cruisers, a BB/CV hybrid and a CV lol.
  3. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    [content removed] is it with CVs now?

    I can hide from a T10 BB. Can't hide from a CV. Also if BB hits me in a T8 cruiser it's usually because of spotting CV. CV makes a pass, splat 1/2 hp gone. Turns around and splat there goes the other 1/2. If that doesn't kill then the BB salvo from CV spot soon after does. Even WG admits CV OP level by having only 1 CV per random match to 5 BBs...... but OK dude lol. "many T8 CRs do have enough AA to deter T10"......... name one please.
  4. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    [content removed] is it with CVs now?

    try playing a T8 cruiser when MM puts you up against a T10 cv.
  5. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Ralphs 5th annual santa crate giveaway

    Thanks Ralph!
  6. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Ralphs 5th annual santa crate giveaway

    Where do I collect the gift container Ralph? If it's automatic to my account it hasn't shown up yet.
  7. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    Who-ever thought this little gem up needs to have their finger nails pulled out. That is all.
  8. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    So, Did You Get Santa's Gift Yet?

    50 XP flags, only have a few thousand of them now...
  9. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Ralphs 5th annual santa crate giveaway

    Cheers Ralph! Merry Christmas!
  10. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    120 mega containers. (50% discount Bday coupon) 22 Ships: T5: Agincourt, Siroco, Mysore T6: Huanghe, W. Virginia, Warspite, Aigle, Ark Royal T7: Lazo, Weimar, Abruzzi, Yukon, Strasbourg, Hyuga, Boise, Gorizia, California T8: Siliwangi, Indomitable, Cossack, Flandre T9: Groningen Coal: 115k Dubs: 15k Flags: 1430 Camo: 650 *I did not have most of the ships on the list.*
  11. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Birthday Coupon.

    Yeah I got the 50k dub package (100k). I'll take your advice and do 20 mega boxes at a time. At least if the RNG is bad I can stop instead of going all in lol.
  12. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Birthday Coupon.

    It cam ethrough @ 10pm last night. Question is now do I buy 20 mega containers at a time and open them or buy 100 in one go? Some say buy 20 at a time is better odds for ships. Flip a coin I guess....
  13. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Birthday Coupon.

    So todays the day. 20/12/2021 and no Bday coupon for me 😞 No email from WG and no message when I log into the game. Any ideas or is this feature no longer available? Cheers AKU