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  1. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    The Wait is Over

    I just got the Bourgogne.
  2. Bring back secondary gun power for ze Germans...
  3. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    You know you want them...
  4. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    I had the T-61 before the removal announcement, OP and great ship. Just after the announcement I got the Asashio and FXP the Nelson, both great ships. Asashio is very scary for BBs and up-tiers well, you just need to use her wisely. Got the Haida a few weeks ago, great ship. Got the Lenin a few days ago, great ship. Lenin is a bow tanking monster, first game got a Kraken. If you have the cash/dubs to burn, I highly recommend all those ships. The EL and the Z-39.... meh they can fade away to the loot boxes. Yes I don't like giving cash to WG, but I have money to burn and the game does need revenue to run so no hard feelings here.
  5. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    Not worth it.
  6. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    I just looked this guy up. His clan is made up of "mentally challenged" players . Please don't be too harsh on the poor sod LMAO!
  7. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    I think one of the main problems is for those who dislike CV''s. The issue is they want to play a game where they're shooting/playing warships and not in a flight simulator with lots of planes buzzing around. Otherwise they'd play a warplane game.
  8. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Unique commander Halsey

    Thanks Max. It was a close one. I think you did your part more than I though ;). T6 in a T8 match is never easy.
  9. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    In the last 24hrs I've got 3 SC. 1st: 5k dubs 2nd: 15k coal 3rd: 30 days premium time. Happy? Yes I am.
  10. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Unique commander Halsey

    I just got Halsey. Interested on everyones captain builds and what ships he's best on. Any thoughts forum gurus?
  11. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    What was your bid for Coals?

    JACKPOT BABY! <----- WG staff after ship auction.
  12. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    It's already here. Guys on NA/EU servers are in 3 Ise/cv division exploiting the spot/strike switch. They claim it's way beyond any ship can counter. A new level of "broken".
  13. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    Yes. A BB that can spot any ship and strike it with planes, then switch to guns while enemy ship is spotted . A 2-3 div of Ise with a cv or two and see how much fun the game is when you're on the receiving end. Can't wait for the Dutch to start dropping bombs at me too while Ise is on cool down and cv is fighter plane spotting me with rocket planes inbound. Glad there's a counter for all these planes... oh wait. Great fun to be had.....
  14. I want to get her before she goes too, but with all the planes flying around these days my dd's are in port more often than not. x2 cv with up to 3 hybrid cv's on the red team has me questioning the future in many ways.
  15. ArseKrakenUnleashed


    Well I guess you took my post more seriously than intended....