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  1. Ragedit

    Advice for Tier V-VI?

    Thank you everyone who replied to this topic! I will take your suggestions, and hopefully improve myself in-game. I really appreciate them all!
  2. Ragedit

    Advice for Tier V-VI?

    I didn't know Flamu made those kinds of guides, thank you!
  3. Ragedit

    Advice for Tier V-VI?

    Hello all. I've just started playing a while ago and would like some advice on how to play better. I'm currently on tier V mostly (Acasta, Furutaka, Omaha, Emerald, Danae) and tier VI (Farragut, Dallas, Warspite), and I keep getting wrecked by silly mistakes (overextending, getting torped close range by DD while trying to cap, etc). Does anyone have any advice on the playstyles of these ships? I probably won't go to tier VII until I improve myself, so any help or tip will be very much appreciated.
  4. Ragedit

    New Code

    Thank you very much.
  5. Ragedit

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    Well, here goes nothing...
  6. Ragedit

    Spot The Difference

    I hope I'm not late...
  7. Ragedit

    Tier V Trouble! Sail's Challenge to YOU!

    I hope this qualifies. My best match in a Hawkins yet...I still have a lot to learn from what I've seen...
  8. Ragedit

    German CVs?

    Thanks for the info! That might be a good idea. I really appreciate all the info and advice. I hope I can contribute soon like you guys. - Ragedit
  9. Ragedit

    German CVs?

    Hello. I'm a VERY new player to the game and generally don't know much. But I noticed in a post about German CV containers that they have a chance to drop special missions for German Carriers, and it said something about 'players who already have the new German ships will receive somethingsomething credits'... How does one get the new carriers if they're just added to the game? And is there any way for a newb like me to get them? Thanks. - Ragedit