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  1. AdmiralYamamoto8


    Thanks mate. Have a good one
  2. AdmiralYamamoto8

    What is your favourite ship line to grind?

    French Cruisers, French DDs, German Battlecruisers, IJN CVs, IJN Gunboat line (that I keep resetting)
  3. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Auction Win

    Did not bid for anything. Not keen to play superships and dont need coal as I have way too many coal ships that I barely play
  4. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Selling of Camos My Experience

    Sold all my camouflage with one left of each design I had to be stored there forever. Banked myself a sweet 112 million credits. Gonna get myself some superships perhaps with a balance of 360 million credits. If only, earning real life cash is so simple 😂
  5. AdmiralYamamoto8

    What's a good coal ship to get?

    Napoli Marceau
  6. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Has Ohio gone from Steel?..

    Definitely research bureau. Unlock 5 tier 10s to unlock the bureau. Then you can see it. Still need to grind the research points to unlock it after that.
  7. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Radar Minotaur and my first 300k game.

    Impressive. Well done
  8. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Black - Can we get some clarity please.

    It will be out for coal after this event. Just wait and get it then. Price should be similar to Neustrashimy
  9. AdmiralYamamoto8

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    True. You have a point there
  10. AdmiralYamamoto8

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    Makes 24k dubs missouri somewhat palatable last year
  11. AdmiralYamamoto8

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    Winning bid was 40k dubs for musashi. Indeed more expensive than arp yamato
  12. AdmiralYamamoto8

    WG is going to sell Musashi

    Enough to pay for a diving trip to see it in its watery grave. Lol. Easily >30k doubloons
  13. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Random reporting

    Why bother letting the broken system affect you. Carry and get reported happens all the time. I just got reported for carrying a ranked game in my Jean Bart. Probably for spamming HE at bow on BBs and burning them. Lol. I just chuckle in amazement for getting reported and add their salt into my dinner . 😂
  14. AdmiralYamamoto8

    BEST Steel Ship in 2022

    Stalingrad. You can get Satsuma which is a better Shiki. Minus the credit savings
  15. AdmiralYamamoto8

    OMG Sovetsky SOYUZ is as bad as Lepanto

    One of the best tech tree tier 9 BBs. Unfortunately outshone by the premiums JB, Georgia, Musashi. Also sort of against the meta pushing in hence worse than Izumo arguably. Definitely better than the rest at bow tanking.