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  1. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Non-cash player appreciation

    Fair point. People tend to forget that WG needs the money to maintain the servers for the frer or paying playerbase.
  2. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Mmmm feels good!

    Good one lol
  3. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Non-cash player appreciation

    Why? To help free xp other tech trees faster? Or to get free xp premium ships? Either way, I don't agree. We don't want inexperienced players coming into high tier games and ruining the experiences of others.
  4. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Ranked joke

    Haha lucky you then. Ranked is such, sometimes you have games that you lose no matter what you do due to teammates detonating or suiciding by rushing in early on. It does balances out
  5. AdmiralYamamoto8

    EU DD ooh such a PAIN...

    T9 and 10 are fun though. Ostergotland is one of the better tier 9s. Halland is one of the best tier 10s. Play as a torp boat and youse guns only when necessary.
  6. AdmiralYamamoto8

    ​🚢 Return of Missouri (Developer's Bulletin 0.10.7)

    Just because of the radar? Yes radar has good utility in CW. Agreed that Iowa is weak. Definitely prefer Georgia over her. Missouri's survivability is mediocre though with the weaker heal. Guess that is the trade off.
  7. AdmiralYamamoto8

    ​🚢 Return of Missouri (Developer's Bulletin 0.10.7)

    I whaled santa crates to get a Missouri but came out empty handed. Now they are bringing it back without the credit modifier. As some mentioned, the credit modifier is the only reason to get it. Nah. It is a mediocre BB without the improved USN heal. Might as well stick to Georgia with its overmatch guns and fast reloading heal.
  8. AdmiralYamamoto8

    BRAWLS progress

    Am on my last 4 wins to get the coal. Lol. Having a blast playing Gneisenau.
  9. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Why NO French Commanders to buy using Coal ???

    What about Philippe Auboyneau? I think it is in the armory.
  10. AdmiralYamamoto8

    République or not

    I enjoyed the French BB line till Republique. Republique is disappointing and not competitive. While the guns hit hardest. That is IF it hits accurately. The dispersion is bad. Dead eye helped it a lot to make it competitive but not any more. Its armour is bad and takes HE damage easily plus overmatch AP shells from Yamato/ Shikhishima. Not fun to play at all except for ranked. Bourgogne at least has reload booster. Alsace is amazing though and fun.
  11. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Reported for.... ?

    Yeah. They hit really hard especially before the AP Dive Bomber reticle nerf. Sometimes they do. But the way I see it, players tend to hate getting outplayed and dying as a result hence back to OP's post, just ignore them. Play the game for your own enjoyment and what others think, don't really matter. Just do your part to the best of your ability and try to play the objective to win. It is a game after all. Don't let it get under your skin
  12. AdmiralYamamoto8

    So how has this auction gone for you?

    Did not bother with the auction although I have 135m credits. 100k coal is not worth this much. Anyway none of the ships really interest me and I have most of the legendary commnders in the armoury except for Andrew Cunningham.
  13. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Reported for.... ?

    I always spot. I even go after DDs in AP rocket planes and torps just to reset caps and what not. To put things in perspective, I have been reported by my own team getting a Kraken and winning the game. And yeah my teammates were siding with the enemy bashing the OPness of CVs. 70% win rate is impressive by the way. Well done. Of course there is room to improve but since the rocket plane nerf, I am less inclined to play CVs except for MVR and Kaga.
  14. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Reported for.... ?

    Just ignore them mate. I have never been bothered about them. It has close to no effect. Some players are brain dead like others have mentioned and yeah this is one of the toxic behaviours of an average WOWs player. I get reported all the time as a CV player. Sometimes even by my own team for doing well. Baffles me sometimes.
  15. AdmiralYamamoto8

    Hahahahaha. What a waste of time, effort and money.

    Yeah I thought of getting FDR too after getting Stalingrad in December but am now hesitant given the nerfs. Would probably get Bourgogne now. I must say being a general player who plays all classes of ships, I have barely touched my CVs in the past two weeks except for 1 to 3 games in Kaga. Definitely played a lot more DDs cos it is meta now. DDs win games. It's sad that my MvR, Midway and Hakruyu became port queens for now.