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  1. Kaesekuchen

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    i see - sorry for not be that clear with my wording : ).
  2. Kaesekuchen

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    Thanks for the information Karen. Of course im aware of the RNG factor of this game. And of course this can happen to other ships in other or/and similar situations too. It was just funny to see. good aim, "no" distance, no hit. no single shell hit (0 from 6) - just the secondary's found their way to the cruiser.
  3. Kaesekuchen

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    Saw a Replay with 2 Guns shooting on a fine Broadside Cruiser. 8 km Distance 2 Secondary Hits 1,5 sigma at its best. they really hate germans
  4. Kaesekuchen

    Suggestion for Rework Commander Skills

    In my Opinion every commander should have a full tree for its class - so when I have a cv commander, then there are just skills for cv's when I have a dd commander, then there are just skills for dd's - there are so many talents which are just unnecessary when I have a specific class, which is just a waste. What could be the benefit? Giving Ships a precise boost in their role. For example: BB's could tech more directly in different roles as secondary/brawl/snipe/sustain etc. For me as a Gamer, this commander skill-tree was from the beginning without love.
  5. Kaesekuchen

    So.it`s a Roma,right?

    Roma has a good armor-scheme in my opinion - so littorio can profit from this. And I hope WG is not that lazy, that they won't change this details.
  6. Oh i forgot those two . Even when i'd say, that Gremyaschy is as toxic as kamikaze.
  7. both ships are strong - but for both ships exists good alternatives -(okay,sinop may is the one best t7 bb - but its not for the whole line)
  8. I would love to have subs in random. BUT: its a hell of a way there. with MANY things to reconsider (as I mentioned in the other topic). But in general I think it gives something new and interesting: yes
  9. Russian Bias ships: Smolensk Stalingrad Kremlin (Maybe) upcoming: Slava Petropavlovsk Fine: Moskva (maybe) Alexander Nyevsky okay- so so : Grozo / Khaba (dont get me wrong - I love these ships and I have both on my europe-main, but both getting powercreeped (in my opinion) by British&american / French tree) I think Russian bias is not a BIG thing - but its up in the face, since all the really fancy schmanzy ships are on t10 and because of that the alpha predators of clan wars. Like: no one give a shit on Russian Ships lower than T10. on each other tier are good or way better alternatives for them.
  10. Kaesekuchen

    How do we get subs?

    They need to insert better Quests for the rest of the classes. 3 Camos for three wins in 3 games? Make 5 sovjet tokens for three wins. In BB and another quest for CA. And then no bot is needed.
  11. Kaesekuchen

    Warhammer 40K Bundle is on EU Store

    Palladium - i bet there will be just some camos, which lacks some love for detail
  12. Kaesekuchen

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Of Course ranked is more frustrating, Banzai - selfish - players - which just dont even try to make team play work... - just makes the experience disappointing. but thats the same as in random for me - a close game is much more okay to loose than a game, where 2 commanders direct suicide themself ^^'
  13. Kaesekuchen

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    In every Competitive Mode in Games you have an actual Meta of Tactics which are more likely to win than others. You can swim with this Meta, try to counter it, just do your own thing and hope to win with map awareness and positioning and actual team play. Its good that the six ships you mentioned are no guarantee for any win- even, if they are good indeed. Jervis and King George - to mention two more silver ships which are quite ok at this tier in my opinion.
  14. Kaesekuchen


    afaik they are not allowed to show actual work-in-progress-gameplay about these ships any more . pure stats and theoretically talking about it (and building up a optional hype train) is still allowed.