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  1. YiChong_Lim

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    Going to re-release?
  2. YiChong_Lim

    Single Game Client

    May I know the estimated time for the 0.9.11 server maintenance update?
  3. YiChong_Lim

    Can't Access PTS Server

    noted will test again later.
  4. YiChong_Lim

    Can't Access PTS Server

    i also facing the same issue here. Do we need any 'special' PT server to be set on our DNS?
  5. YiChong_Lim

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Hi, This is my best result of the day. By the way, can we continue to update our latest (greatest) results before the deadline (September 21)?