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  1. YiChong_Lim

    Modstation failed to update after 12.6

    Bro, how you resolved your problem?
  2. Facing some issue (as shown below), keep complaining Access denied and unable to execute the file. please help.
  3. YiChong_Lim

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    Going to re-release?
  4. YiChong_Lim

    Single Game Client

    May I know the estimated time for the 0.9.11 server maintenance update?
  5. 1. Description Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details. Example: 0.9.10 "gaming entering" and "returning to port" experience hanging and lagging for 10s of second compare to 0.9.9 (current version). 'Enter Battle" switch is missing 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: Select any cruiser. Enter any battle (Random + Co-op). Pay attention to the countdown (start counting extra time until enter battlefield) 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. My rough estimated that it took an extra 17-20 seconds to enter the game, which made the user lose some early initiative. (below is my snapshot during the battle) 4. Expected result In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. Example: Expecting to enter battle when the countdown to Zero, or early 'enter battle' switch to let user enter early before time end (for preparation) 5. Technical details Example: Time of occurrence: about 17:10 (local time). Picture snapshot during battle, and you can realize other ship already position or move to target area. (link below) https://ibb.co/6txJxcQ https://ibb.co/gT0NfP5
  6. YiChong_Lim

    Can't Access PTS Server

    noted will test again later.
  7. YiChong_Lim

    Can't Access 0.9.10 PTS Server

    Hi i'm got an issue on entering the PTS Server version 0.9.10, it shows permanently hang at the "waiting for authorization" stage. (as below diagram show) snap from my PC: https://ibb.co/CHs8ckX
  8. YiChong_Lim

    Can't Access PTS Server

    i also facing the same issue here. Do we need any 'special' PT server to be set on our DNS?
  9. YiChong_Lim

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Hi, This is my best result of the day. By the way, can we continue to update our latest (greatest) results before the deadline (September 21)?