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  1. At least in the brawls game mode the blowouts are quick 😂
  2. Nah mate i won't accept that, theres no reason for the teams to be this unbalanced to the extend of this. I don't mind losing hardfought battles, but blowouts need to get out of this game for good.
  3. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote in your post, the fact you can simply fail your way up to Rank 1 is insane. The amount of players ive seen just AFK in ranked games hoping for the free win is also a side effect of this ranking system.
  4. Ranked isn't any better mate, clan battles is fine, i have no problem with, but randoms and ranked needs matchmaking implemented. Games like this shouldnt exist.
  5. Its not even just so i can win, the games aren't even close. Its literally people who have no idea what they're doing versing people who are organised and skilled. I don't mind losing, but blowout after blowout is straight up unenjoyable.
  6. This games got alot of issues, most i can overlook as just inexperience in design and development. But having no matchmaking is honestly killing any desire i have to play it. I've lost my last 7 games in a row, regardless of my performance, and it's happening every day. I don't know a single human on this planet that enjoys losing all day every day, simply because the developers are too lazy to put any matchmaking in the game to balance the teams. These teams are so poorly matched up the matches are not even close. Theres literally not a single logical reason against putting it in, like i can't fathom why anyone would be against it. Im at my wits end, i enjoy the gameplay, but every time i boot it up i just don't want to play because i know going into the game, regardless of what i do, im gonna lose. If anyone can think of a reason not to put in skill based matchmaking, by all means enlighten me.
  7. NinoV1

    Ban thunderers from ranked battles

    True, but to some extent you would've needed to play the rest of the ships in the line and gotten an idea of how they play before reaching the tier X variant. Where as thunderer you simply purchase it with resources after a few months. You could possibly even get it as your first tier X, jump straight into ranked with no experience at high tier gameplay, and proceed to ruin innocent players games (mostly mine it seems).
  8. NinoV1

    Ban thunderers from ranked battles

    Because those ships are locked behind steel and tech trees, which require skill and patience to acquire. My gripe is that thunderer is so easily obtained and they are what is flooding my ranked games with dismal gameplay and performance. Very rarely do i see a bad bourgogne.
  9. Ah, but not for the reason you might think. Lots of people moan that the boat is over powered, which in the right hands it might be. But 9 times out of 10 its in the hands of a complete spud. I mean think about it, its probably the most accessible tier X ship in the game. BB players in general are usually along the bottom lines of talent in this game, but thunderer players take the cake. All you need to do is save coal, use the coupon, and within 3-4 months (even less if there's events that reward coal on) and you have a tier X BB in your port. Tech tree grinds require patience, practice, learning and enduring. Where as coal ships you could have never touched so much as a tier 8 tech tree boat before you can buy a tier X BB that you have no idea how to use. Which in the grand scheme of things is fine, there's multiple thunderers per team in randoms and they usually just sit at the back spamming HE. But my beef is that these same numptys take them into ranked and do the same thing, which is completely useless against teams that cap and defend. I literally shake my head when i see 2-3 thunderers on my team up against say a Bourg, Monty, Yammy etc, you know, actual talent requiring ships. Ranked games don't go on for long enough for the HE spamming to be of any use, you need hard hitting Dev strike BBs backing you up as you push into a cap with your DD or Cruiser, not some thunderer 24kms behind you slinging HE for 3-8k damage every 25 seconds (that gets healed anyways). So long story short, tired of bad Thunderers on my team in ranked who have no idea what they're doing. Ships too popular for its own and others good. Rant over.
  10. NinoV1

    MVR needs nerfing

    Im aware that the Thunderer AA is woeful, my position wasn't great and usually if a CV was bullying me id be fine because of the damage output. Im not complaining about the play of CVs and what they do to out of position boats, my gripe is the INSANE alpha damage that MVR has. The DBs hit like a yamato, and can hit you again within a short amount of time like a cruiser. As for angling, theres only so much magic i can work with a BB. Bombs dropped from straight over head dont really care what angle you're at as long as they hit your deck. I've been chunked in my petro, my moskva, my georgia, the DBs hit everything like a ton of bricks, usually excess of 20k which is significantly more then any other CV has the potential of doing. You can't buy time against MVR, it eats you alive faster then anything else in the server in the right hands, which seems to be more often then not.
  11. NinoV1

    MVR needs nerfing

    The alpha is WAY too much, almost 46k in damage under 20 seconds from something you cannot counter is absurd in my eyes. Sure ive been hit for more by BBs using AP before but thats because i was a moron and showed broadside when i shouldn't have. But with MVR, i had DFAA on and was 'dodging' and still got smacked for that amount. Other CVs i kinda shrug it off because the damage isn't cancer inducing, but when youre slapping me for half my health and theres nothing i can do about it? Imma get mad. DP bomb nerf would be more then enough for me.
  12. NinoV1

    MVR needs nerfing

    I honestly don't have anything against CV's, they have a purpose that they serve and they don't usually bother me as much as others. But the MVR is a different story, its straight up ridiculous. The TBs are whatever, but the DBs and Rocket planes are a absolute joke, for example a MVR made two passes on my thunderer with the DBs, one for 18k, another for 28k all within a matter of 20 seconds. The other CVs cant even come close to dealing that much damage, its in a league of its own and all it needs is a non moronic driver to dish out this kind of damage. Its frustrating to play against and honestly drains any enjoyment from the match when i see that im versing one, nerf the god damn DBs at the very least. Rant over.