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  1. Halsey_rex

    American Tokens

    DONE!!! Thanks
  2. Halsey_rex


    all better now thank you
  3. Halsey_rex


    I went in and updated and reinstalled it but the mods do not appear..
  4. Halsey_rex


    What Happened?
  5. Halsey_rex

    American Tokens

    I saw that about the conversion but I did not understand....if I had 200 more I could buy something...so I guess I can just let them be converted after I try one more time to buy something with them... Thanks for helping me.
  6. Halsey_rex

    American Tokens

    I see 9.10 is about to end and I have 3800 american tokens...what can I do with them?
  7. Halsey_rex

    Anchorage impressions

    I like it a lot. Biggish guns. I have to stay a little further back but I like it a lot. If i find myself in trouble and they get close i can pop smoke to evade and if they pursue, they get a torp surprise for their trouble! I go out of my way to harrass and sink enemy Anchorage ships, especially if they have the kooky “hey shoot me, I am an Anchorage” camouflage! Lol. A little squishy but formidable.
  8. Halsey_rex

    X Valkyrie: PT GAME PLAY

    I played a lot in 9.10 PT round 1... I don't think I like it, at least not enough to play it regularly. It was a new game play and eventually I became frustrated---that's just me. I played many hours worth of Heracles, Gale and the other one... I think I liked Gale the best. You form alliances-fine. Sometimes you don't....then you suffer. I ended up in the Octagon a few times--what a suffer fest. 9.10 battle mode was OK but I didn't like it enough to give up fighting battles on the 7-seas.
  9. Halsey_rex

    X Valkyrie: PT GAME PLAY

    Thank you. I cant wait to make coffee and get back to playingq
  10. Halsey_rex

    X Valkyrie: PT GAME PLAY

    Gale was cool with torpedoes, but i couldnt figure out if i could switch to guns. thank you for taking the time to explain for everyone.... i played a lot of games yesterday but had no idea what to do. The rest of the dockyard s closed.
  11. Halsey_rex

    X Valkyrie: PT GAME PLAY

    Yeah well thanks for them pearls of wisdom. Now does anyone else know how to play this special PT game? I don't understand the goal or how to play.
  12. Halsey_rex

    X Valkyrie: PT GAME PLAY

    What in the world in a nutshell are we doing in this game?
  13. Halsey_rex

    What to do with AUTOBOT commanders

    I have to go back and watch that 9.9 video again before I say something Inaccurate . Is there a penalty or cost for switching skippers? I have never done this for fear of losing skills etc... thank you
  14. I have acquired a few autobot commanders. So, why would I want to use these and are their skill point cummulative? Hmmm, dumb question...skills are associated with any particular commander. Otherwise, they just sit there in reserve. On a video update, I saw that in the future we will be able to pool ship XP?
  15. Halsey_rex

    Sierra MIKE

    Thank you. Threw more money at this game...