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  1. Halsey_rex

    Are Camos required

    I got the dreaded red triangle that i ran out of something, it was a camo. Can I run a ship without a camo? Looks like you have to buy camo once you run out.
  2. Puerto Rico before Public Test sever (0.11.7) Why can't I use this ship in the PT. I bought it...
  3. Halsey_rex

    Can not use Puerto Rico in second round

    SAME here. I cannot use the Canadian ships that I got with it as well. That is why I am here. What is up with this?
  4. Halsey_rex

    Economic flags and Camos

  5. Halsey_rex

    Economic flags and Camos

    I played the PT a few times not sure I understand the gist of the changes. Shoud we be using up all our high value camos and flags before the new update ? We lose all that stuff right?
  6. The only japanese ship I like playing is Yubari. I played tier X cruiser and it sucked...all the lower destroyers suck so bad. What if anything do people like?
  7. Halsey_rex


  8. What other ships are as tanky as my favorite?
  9. Hindenburg is my favorite water tank...
  10. Thanks for the responses. The furthest i have gotten is level 7-bronze…I will have to remember positioning… The skill of these players is terrifying! Any time I have won it is due to sniping from max distance….I have to be very diligent when playing this mode… thanks again ! As you were.
  11. HOLY SHIT. Anytime I play in these battles, one salvo from the enemy nearly cuts me in half. I mean, severe damage everytime...So how can the enemy inflict so much more damage?
  12. Halsey_rex

    server not available

    Thanks for responding! It only started doing that this year or this summer....annoying.
  13. Halsey_rex

    People you've encountered in-game

  14. Halsey_rex

    server not available

    For months, when I go to sign into NAVAL BATTLES or Armory I will get "server not available". I have to repeated try until at some point I can get in. I live in VA, but when I first joined a couple years ago I registered in Wargaming-ASIA instead of NA. Any ideas?