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  1. Halsey_rex

    Coop battles

    Are the different red and green teams simply players, not bots on different sides?
  2. Early in my WOW journey i got a battleship before I knew how to use it And sold it and was wondering what happens if I try to rebuy it again or even figure out what I had. Do i pay for every aspect of the ship?
  3. Halsey_rex

    HOW TO DELETE an extraneous account

  4. I was trying to get in to the public testing and accidentally created another ^%$#^%#% account. Are user names case sensitive? If I delete this latest mistake will it actually wipe out my real account?
  5. Halsey_rex

    My containers seem to loaded with Soviet Tokens

    Thanks, i see that I have 125 Soviet tokens, now 130. So how do I use these? I read the blurb but how do I spend these or designate that I want to use this form of currency?
  6. How does one use these soviet tokens and did I make a mistake by hitting the collect containers?
  7. Halsey_rex


    THANK YOU, the color coding makes it clearer. What are options for getting the 27K XP points?
  8. Halsey_rex


    Hi, I still can figure out what I am doing and the differences involved. With the resources I have, can you explain how I could get MAHAN? Does the trick involve doubloons?
  9. Halsey_rex

    DD Hill-V Ordanance Magnet

    My Opinion of V Hill has changed dramatically. I have sent many an enemy to the bottom since my last post! Thanks everyone!
  10. Halsey_rex

    NEWBie: change battle map, get a different ship

    so you can play that ship once
  11. thank you...still need to understand it all...is there a bonehead captain skills video I can watch 100 times before this sinks in? So is SHIP's XP what you use to buy captain skills?
  12. redistribute to all my captains?
  13. Thank you guys for the spoon feeding. After all the games, I finally found that screen. What does redistribute or undistribute mean?
  14. I am just missing the boat here ( hahahahahaha) but i do not understand how to get started with adding skipper skills to my capatins. They all have zero skills. can someone please point me to skills 101?
  15. Halsey_rex

    NEWBie: change battle map, get a different ship

    When you research a ship, it doesnt necessarily mean you have to buy it right? If this is the case, can you research a ship more than once?