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  1. Hi, So what happens to the ship XP from preceding ships in the same line? No way to use any of that? What a waste.
  2. I was assessed a 3 game penalty. During gameplay I see an orange window that says connect. Internet or their server issues----I am penalized.
  3. Halsey_rex

    MODS & Graphics

    I have noted in the past how certain mods come and go. This last time I noticed with detail when I signed on to play. From the start I noticed enhanced graphics. Then I noticed my familiar mods that do not appear anymore but during this game there they were with NO input from me. The ships direction compass was not in the center but under the chat dialogue box on the left. The dialogue text that describes my range details/reload times were next to that ( fav mod ), and finally ribbons at the top were different. All these were transient because during the next session there were there. any ideas...
  5. Halsey_rex

    Critical error Occurred

    Running Gamecheck: Game client is damaged. To recover game clientfiles press button 'recovery'. WOW wonder why this shit happened? It has to download 122 files... It has taken nearly 2 hours to re-download and install 122 game client files (ver high). I think I have only done this one other time in the year I have played this game. It naturally found all the NON-WOW files and needs to delete them....I thought it would rid itself of the MODS.
  6. Halsey_rex

    Critical error Occurred

    I just restarted and this issue persists.
  7. Halsey_rex

    ASLAIN MODS fail to load sometimes

    Here we go again. The mods do not load. I like seeing self, but nothing shows up again I deleted everything and re installed . are there any combos that you guys know of that would cause this? tankx
  8. Halsey_rex

    Why not keep FREE SKILLs Redistribution?

    Yeah, now that you put it that way, I understand....sure.
  9. Halsey_rex

    Why not keep FREE SKILLs Redistribution?

    Its a shame i guess. I pay for a premium account, buy doubloons, customizations and the occasional premium ship. I like the game. I have a gaming computer and rhe graphics are terrific. I played the same game of someones lesser system and it just wasnt as beautiful.... otherwise. I have never, ever changed any skills amd because i changed them around a bunch recently, they will stay that way until hell freezes over or Siberia becomes a desert.
  10. I like the ability to fine tune the captain skills over time as i learn how to use these skills. I certainly wont spend and money futzing around with different combinations after they shut this down. thoughts?
  11. Halsey_rex

    No Game Graphics

    So the issue came up again sorta....This time, all the mods loaded and I played and kicked butt for about an hour and a half. then I turned it off. and when I logged into the game again...none of the mods would load. I posted this issue on Aslain's forum and I see there are similar bugs.... ME NO LIKE BUGS.
  12. Halsey_rex

    No Game Graphics

    what does that mean? what else can I do? I am blind folded in a battle...cannot see anything. So it looks like ship skin mods or sound mods were somehow causing a conflict...All fixed...thanks for the help!
  13. Halsey_rex

    No Game Graphics

    OK...It is whatever combinations of ASLAIN mods I installed that is causing this glitch. I had to go directly into a group of enemy for suicide to end the game....No to see what the issue is...