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  1. Totally understand! But remember, when we do a collab we have to agree on content not only that we might have in game but also with the collaboration partner. That being said, being a big fan of the IJN cruisers, I would LOVE to see the modernized Maya in the game, who knows! SoonTM? Mahalo, -Hapa
  2. Folks, The Takao AND Maya, yes were actual Heavy cruisers built by the IJN during the earlier years of the 1930s. That being said, this Maya is an ARP Maya, which is a ship from the ARP of Blue Steel fleet. Collaborations are nothing new, we have had a growing relationships with ARP for years. We try to keep all content matching their expectations, our expectations and for the balance in World of Warships. Until the information is released officially I cannot talk about the stats on these ships, but if we have a collaboration and the content we have matches the collaboration company this is a good way to collaborate. Mahalo, -Hapa
  3. Hapa_Fodder

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    Aloha, It has been stated by a few players above and I would like to just reiterate. And give my 2 doubloons. I have found that most players that run DDs sometimes are just too darn aggressive. There is nothing wrong with being aggressive as a DD main, however, you HAVE to have more situational awareness than most people. Because of CVs, other DDs and RADAR. There is nothing wrong with being a bit more passive at the opening of a battle until you have a better understanding of the enemy teams disposition (placement). The way I play, I run out ahead of my BBs, help spot, if I have long range torps I lay them in areas I know bow tankers like to sit. And I wait, to see where the ships are. The other thing that helps a lot is knowing the ranges and lengths of various ships with RADAR, case in point as a DD main if there is a Tallin and he RADARs I know to count to 15 BUT expect 18 seconds because with upgrades they can increase that by 3 seconds. Obviously, you can't necessarily always do this, if multiple RADAR ships are in division together, you have to be a bit more careful and calculated. Overall, don't think that you HAVE to cap right away, or HAVE to deal a lot of damage personally.... some of my best matches have been in a DD with only about 50k dmg but 150k+ spotting damage. Mahalo, -Hapa
  4. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the Anchors Away on Vampire!!! I am really excited to come out there to see the ship and all you lovely people!!!! Mahalo, -Hapa
  5. WHAT WAS HIS NAME!? I CHECKED ON BOARD IN 2004!!!! And I was on that deployment! -Hapa
  6. Aloha, I just wanted to add that I had an amazing time in Brisbane, Sydney, Mackay, Townsville, as well as, Tauranga! Mahalo, -Hapa