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  1. I already have a captain Ashley can I get a reward in the form of doubloons and a premium account again?
  2. Для тех кто решит играть на сервере Азия https://wows.asia/RendalFlegg Есть клан с дискордом играем в клановые бонусы за рефералку пополам.
  3. RendalFlegg

    Help and Old Returning Player

    Start playing https://wows.asia/RendalFlegg all the rewards in half
  4. The game on the server Asia is to stand still Demoin Moscow Smolensk and shoot at the maximum range of the projectile the entire battle I played almost 1000 fights here and have already got used to it if you want more movement go to the server Russia
  5. RendalFlegg

    結果:幫助好友 – 贏得一艘艦艇!

  6. https://wows.asia/RendalFlegg
  7. https://wows.asia/RendalFlegg