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  1. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    Good question. I have no information on that either. However, my best guess is that they have variable damage depending on distance from target. So the closer they (the depth charges) are to the target, the more damage is inflicted and the other way around. I may be wrong of course. Maybe WG will see this and provide some sort of info?? (wishful thinking I know).
  2. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    Added tip. Credit for tip at bottom of OP.
  3. trader_mickk

    DD playstyles

    Yep, I reckon that is a valid tactic for a DD. Your team needs to be able to see a ship in order to kill it. I reckon there should be a points system for it, there probably is, but I don't know for sure.
  4. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    Added info. If you have any new/useful info on how to deal with Submarines as a surface ship, please post!
  5. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    I agree, it would better if there was a specific item to block the ping instead of the repair item. This is why I said after second ping, as Subs need TWO pings to activate the homing function. I have seen torpedo 'netting' on some of the larger ships, maybe that could be made to function.
  6. trader_mickk

    Moving On (Back to playing more)

    I'm actually enjoying the game more at the this point than I was. If WG wants to do something to make more $$, well, it IS a business and that is what they do. Hopefully not all of the $$ in question is not just turning into 'pocket liners', but going toward things to improve the game, like more ships and even more modes of game play, better graphics and so on. That sort of thing does not come cheap and the $$ for it has to come from somewhere. A little off topic, but the main reason I'm enjoying the game more is the Submarines. They add a whole new wrinkle to the game and chasing a Sub in a DD can be a lot of fun. Like Sloth, I play mostly Co-op and Scenarios, but I have had a go at Random. Favorite ship for sub chasing at the moment is Akizuki.
  7. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    I made a webpage with this on and was going to post a link, but this is easier for most people I guess. Hope it helps, even a little bit. Trader Mickks Simple World of Warships SUB hunting tips Note: These tips are subject to change at short notice and may turn out to be wrong! Tips!** Using Anti Submarine Weapons (ASW) Anti Sub weapons can hit a Sub at any time, surfaced or not. Deploy them along the projected path of the Sub. If you have a number of Destroyers in the area, you can work with them to 'soak' (?) the area with depth charges. This should result in either a dead or heavily damaged submarine. A tip for Depth charge launchers pay attention to where the launchers are they can give ya a good idea about what your depth charge pattern looks like. Cruisers like the Minotaur have a square pattern over the stern, Friesland and Groening launch em over the bow. Some of the UK DD launch em over the stern and they land small distance away from the ship.*# Subs can only be hit by surface ships using 'normal' weapons (eg, guns) when; 1. They are on the surface. (Duh) 2. At 'Periscope Depth'. If you can see a RED shadow, you can hit them with your guns. At this time I do not know if ship launched torpedos can hit a Sub when it is submerged. At this point in time I would say no, even if you can target it. 3. When firing on Subs, HE is best. 4. (new) You can target Subs with your 2ndaries even when you can't hit them. Once your 2ndaries start firing, you will be able to hit it with your mains! The best defence is.... to get in close and stay there. To my limited knowledge, it seems that the torpedos used by Subs have an 'arming range' where they will NOT explode if they hit your ship. I don't know if they still do some sort of damage if not armed. Wait for the SECOND PING before shutting down the torpedo homing signal, but be very quick to do it. Submarines are just as fast submerged as they are on the surface. **The tips given here are based on the limited experiences of a World Of Warships player after the first week or so after the introduction of Submarines to the game. *# Tip from Mr_Macarther
  8. trader_mickk

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Darn it, yes you are correct. I am now the proud owner of a permanent camouflage for a ship that I not only don't have, but that can't currently be gotten in any way shape or form. I am slightly annoyed/disapointed, in myself for failing to read correctly (I *really* want Musashi!). Live and learn as they say.
  9. trader_mickk

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    I literally just bought Mushashi.... however it hasn't turned up in my ship list..... yet. It does show that it is/should be in my inventory if I go to the armory however. I guess that is a good thing, as it stops me from trying to buy it again. The plan is to wait until tomorrow (my time GMT +8 Perth), check if Musashi is there and if not, log an official ticket. Also bought the CMDRS as well, more 10 pointers never hurts.
  10. trader_mickk

    Unable to access Clan Battle stuff

    Thanks for that. I *did* look in the news/anouncements (english speaking section), but was unable to find it. I must be looking in the wrong news section or something, either that or I was searching for the wrong thing.
  11. trader_mickk

    Unable to access Clan Battle stuff

    Ah yeah, I forgot about that. I meant the weekly Clan 'Battle' where you face off against random clan X, by playing battles for 'stars' with the clan having the most stars at the end of the week winning. From memory the last one was base xp scored during battle, which the clan I am in did not get to participate in because we did not meet the requirements. I hope this makes more sense then my OP.
  12. trader_mickk

    Aerroon's Highlights in WOWS!

    Yup agreed. Question: Are you 'that' Aerroon, from Disco? Just curious.
  13. trader_mickk

    Unable to access Clan Battle stuff

    I am unable to access the 'Clan Battle' section of the port screen. It usually sits above the 'rewards claimed' section, but it is no longer there. I am still in a Clan, as I can still access the Clan screen, however the 'Clan Battle' tab is not there anymore, which I find odd. It is currently the time when you would be doing the prerequisite for the 'main' Clan battle. Is this a bug or has it just been moved? Thanks in advance.